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Step Outside

Summer has finally arrived and the wedding season is in full swing. For those who are embracing the summer weather, we’ve put together some inspiration for an outdoor wedding. From sparklers and fire pits to blankets and heel protectors, check out our 10 top ideas to create the perfect outdoor wedding. 

1. Protect those heels – Ever walked over grass in those expensive heels and then realised you’ve sunken down a few inches? Well, fear no more. With this clever little gadget you will no longer feel like you’re stuck in the mud. Your heel will remain clean and free from those dreaded grass stains. A must for the bride and bridesmaids. 

PINTEREST heel protector

Photo credit: Pinterest

2. Fun and games – Keep your guests entertained with some outdoor games. Whether it be a game of cricket, giant jenga, croquet or an old fashioned ring toss – use the outdoor space for a little light hearted competition. This is a great way to keep the little guests entertained.  

PINTEREST ring toss fun and games wedding

Photo credit: Pinterest

PINTEREST wedding games

3. Creative seating – Get creative with some hay bale sofas. You can buy or rent hay bales from a local farm, decorate with some blankets and voila! You have your DIY outdoor seating area sorted. If you’re venue is on a farm then ask the coordinator if this would be a possibility. 

PINTEREST hay bale seating

Photo credit: Pinterest

4. Ice cream surprise – Why not book the local ice cream van to turn up at your big day. A great way to surprise your guests and an excellent way to keep those little guests entertained for a while.

PINTEREST ice cream trike

Photo credit: Pinterest

5. Blinded by love – No one likes the sun blinding their view of the bride and groom. Supplying some cheap sunglasses is a thoughtful idea if you are planning an outdoor ceremony.

PINTEREST sunglasses

Photo credit: Pinterest

6. Decorate the trees – No matter where you are getting married, it is almost definite that your venue will possess a number of trees. Be at one with nature and use the trees to personalise your wedding day. Wrap the tree with fairy lights or hang photos of absent loved ones from the trunks to turn those trees into a memorable wedding day feature. 

PINTEREST family tree

Photo credit: Pinterest

7. Light those lanterns – A stunning photo opportunity and an unforgettable moment at the end of a memorable day. Giving your guests lanterns to light and send off into the night sky is a magical form of entertainment. Check with your venue that you are allowed to do this before you stock up on lanterns. 

PINTEREST lanterns

Photo credit: Pinterest

8. Keep your guests warm – Even though it’s summer, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding then your guests may get chilly as the night goes on. Providing some blankets in a little basket is a thoughtful touch which will make your guests feel at home.

PINTEREST blankets guests

Photo credit: Pinterest

PINTEREST pashmina

9. Fire Pits – A warming evening touch, fire pits will keep your guests feeling warm and snug as they party on into the night. You could even provide marshmallows for your guests to toast as a late evening treat.

PINTEREST fire pit

Photo credit: Pinterest

PINTEREST marshmallows

10. Go out with a bang – Fireworks are a stunning end to any wedding day, creating a spectacular display in the night sky. Creating a romantic atmosphere, you and your new husband can reflect on your day as you watch the sky sparkle.

PINTEREST fireworks wedding

Photo credit: Pinterest




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