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Should you Shoot it Yourself?

A hot topic currently enraging many professional wedding videographers; the recent screening of Dragon’s Den, showing the delightful Andrea Mcdowell and Rebecca Baldwin securing an investment of £60000 from Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Hilary Devey.

The investment has sparked an interesting debate on whether a good video depends on good camera work, or great editing.

The entrepreneur’s business plan is based around hiring out their video cameras for the couple, or more realistically their friends and family, to shoot footage which will then be edited into a DVD.

Sceptics were quick to point out that many videographers offer a “rescue”  service to turn wobbly, home produced camera work into a reasonable quality video and that the video cameras included in the package are similar quality to those used for home movies.

Supporters of the service point out that family members are more likely to be able to capture the more private minutes on video, as they have access to areas that a videographer may not be able to go and the bride and groom are more likely to be relaxed in the presence of family and friends rather than a professional camera operator.

Regardless, the publicity that this bubbly pair have brought to wedding videography can only be a good thing and we wish them the very best in their new venture.

Shoot it Yourself Video

Hilary Devey with entrepreneurs Andrea and Rebecca


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