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Real Engagement: Sophie and Ted

Our hugely successful Real Weddings page has all the real life inspiration you need for your big day, but what about the proposal? We love a good proposal story here at Guides for Brides HQ, so we’re kicking off our brand new #RealEngagement series with Sophie and Ted’s rather eventful proposal story. 

I said yes engagement announcement

Sophie and Ted met online, and hit it off straight away. Ted is a military man, and was based over in Germany at the time, but despite the distance, they made it work. After a six month post to Canada, Ted whisked Sophie away to the South of France, where he wanted to share some special places from his childhood with her. One day, they packed a lunch and headed down to the stream that runs through the fields of his old farm, he was so excited to show Sophie where he ran away to as a little boy. 

Now Sophie is an outdoors kinda girl, but being dragged through thigh high water, spiderwebs and barbed wire is not many people’s idea of fun. After an eventful walk involving Sophie putting her hand on a hornets nest, Ted continued to encourage her to just go a little bit further and get to the special “lunch” spot that he had planned. 

When they were just 20 yards away, Sophie slipped on a rock and bashed her knee and went into a full “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” meltdown. She cried through tears “how much further?”, and Ted pointed to an opening in the trees with two huge rocks. Sophie pushed him out of the way and really went for it, she knew how much it meant to him so she wanted to finish it. She clambered up one of the rocks, caught her breath and was finally able to appreciate the surroundings. Ted set up a camera to get a picture of the two of them, and when Sophie turned round, he was on one knee asking her to marry him. 

Real engagement - Sophie and Ted

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