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Pre-wedding diet and fitness tips

Diet tips

  1. To fuel your muscles while preventing an increase in body fat divide your food into 5 smaller meals a day, they are easier to digest and provide greater increases in fat-free muscle mass.
  2. Avoid quick-fix foods as fast foods, processed meats and fizzy drinks are chock-a-block with sugar, sat fat and salt… again all energy sappers and they wont satisfy your appetite!
  3. Drink a glass of water before every meal – it will fill you up, or chew chewing gum until a sweet craving passes, it will only last 10 minutes so hang on in there!
  4. Avoid supermarkets when your hungry, its dangerous territory and you are more likely to buy processed junk food.
  5. Avoid sauces and dressings on food, if necessary a small blob of mustard is ok, or olive oil.
Claire Fuller Personal Training

Claire Fuller Personal Training

Fitness tips

  1. Exercise 2-3 times a day in small blasts. This keeps your heart rate higher for longer, burning more calories and keeps your metabolism working at an elevated rate – winner!
  2. When you feel the urge to graze, do some squats (they are the 1 exercise which burns the most energy!).
  3. Make housework count as a workout! Push yourself slightly faster than usual and get a little sweat on when hovering the stairs.
  4. Save money and lose weight – don’t pay to park in the town centre, park slightly further out for free and briskly walk in to the shops.
  5. Remember the more of your body that moves during an exercise – the more efficient the exercise! A standing bicep curl wont get you buns of steel ladies… squat it out!

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