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Piece of Cake?

In today’s wedding industry, your wedding cake has no limit (except your imagination!). From cupcakes and Oreo towers to naked cakes and cheese slabs, check out our top 10 ideas.

little cow creative cakes

1. Cute as a Cupcake

A selection of cupcakes is a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Forget the hassle of cutting slices, just grab a cupcake! With a diverse selection of flavours and toppings available, you can please all your guests.

PINTEREST cupcakes

2. Say Cheese

For those with a more savoury tooth – the alternative rustic cheese cake. Pile up the cheeses of choice, lay out the crackers and prepare your guests for a savoury feast. Soft cheeses such as goats cheese and brie shouldn’t be left on display for too long so add them as top tiers at the last minute, or put soft cheeses around the bottom of the display. 

Pinterest Cheese Cake

Photo Credit: Pinterest

3. Marry-me Macaroons

The macaroon tower trend has really taken off this year, with modern brides loving the adorable French confection. The macaroon tower is such a chic look and can be personalised to fit in perfectly with your colour scheme.

Pinterest Macaron Tower

Photo Credit: Pinterest

4. Chalkboard Cake

One of the big wedding trends of 2015 is the quirky chalkboard cake. For a unique personalised throwback to your school days, look no further than this unusual idea.

Pinterest Chalkboard Cake

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. Pork pies

Pork pie cakes are certainly only for the brave but if you are looking for a gourmet meaty option then look no further than these fabulous rustic delights.

pork pie PINTEREST

6. Naked cakes

Gone are the days of traditional icing, modern cakes are stripped back to their sponge and laid bare. There’s something very shabby chic about these cakes, they make a fabulous addition to a laid-back barn wedding.

Pinterest naked cake

Photo Credit: Pinterest

7. Pan-cakes

For some people pancakes are a once-a-year kind of treat. For others, they are a wedding-day kind of treat. Stack them up and get creative – lemon, sugar, syrup, jam, bacon, chocolate… the possibilities are endless!

Pinterest pancake cake

Photo Credit: Pinterest

8. Rise Krispie Cakes

What better way to celebrate your vows than re-visiting your childhood with a fabulous throwback Rice Krispie cake? Not for everyone, but a creative idea which will go down well with the small guests.

Pinterest rice krispie cake

Photo Credit: Pinterest

9. The Oreo Tower

Fancy another childhood throw-back? Then pile up everyone’s favourite cookie, the Oreo, pass round glasses of milk and watch as all your guests re-live their youth.

Oreo Tower Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

10. Feeling Fruity

Gone are the days of the calorie-packed wedding cake. The modern health conscious bride loves this quirky fruit-cake alternative.

Fruit selection pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest


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