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Need help choosing a luxury wedding car?

Some of the most important planning decisions lie with choosing the perfect wedding cars and scheduling the various arrival times of the wedding party. Check out this stress-free guide from Sussex Chauffeurs to help you achieve the luxury and style you desire, minus some of the pressure!

Happy groom adn bride about retro limousine

Picking your firm

Be systematic, make a list of all the local firms and contact them for their different pricing options. It is worth checking the company’s reviews online; reading the experience that other brides received can give you an idea of the level of service you can expect. If it’s a local company, it may also be worthwhile to visit the cars in person! 

Choosing the style

The style of your fleet should closely match your wedding theme in terms of colour and era. Luxury wedding cars offer a modern feel that’s plush and executive, with popular colours being silver, white and cream. Typically, these modern vehicles look smart enough without additions such as ribbon; another thing to cross off your growing to-do list! However, do take time to pick the right sized car and think about how it will fit into your chosen venue.

wedding car decoration

Interior considerations

From Mercedes to Limousines, choosing a leather interior guarantees comfort and that extra special quality to make your ride to the venue even more memorable. Be sure to visit your chosen firm to sit in your potential cars; you may want to check certain aspects such as the sound system, legroom and if champagne is offered en route (of course!). 

A couple more practical considerations would be checking the wedding dress can easily fit through the doors and that the height of the interior is spacious enough for other passengers, for example the father-of-the-bride. An experienced chauffeur would be able to help with all of these considerations, so never be afraid to ask too many questions.

Car Interior

Route planning

Once you’re happy with the car itself, check with your driver about the best route from your pick-up point to the venue. If they’re a local company, they’ll know the roads well and will be experienced in more nuanced aspects – such as traffic expectations and the most romantic routes. If you have any landmarks you’d like to see en route, such as the restaurant where you had your first date, discuss these in advance.

Once you know the journey length, give the company your desired arrival times for each car, with the bride and father usually arriving last. Ultimately, don’t stress; all arrival times will include a buffer so you won’t be late for your big day and can relax in the car, making the most of your executive experience.

Wedding Sign

The arrival

On the big day, your driver will pull up to the church or venue, get out and open your car door facing the entrance and help you gracefully meet with your wedding party. As you arrive in perfect hair and makeup, it would be an ideal time to take photographs, so also speak with your wedding photographer in advance so they’re positioned well. 

The right wedding car has the power to set the tone of your day and reflect your future as a couple. If you opt for a little added luxury from a trusted provider, it builds on the occasion and comfort, with everything working in harmony so you can relax and enjoy.


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