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How to hire a Wedding Singer

Weddings are never complete without someone to serenade the newlyweds and the guests. And that’s what a wedding singer does. These entertainers have become par for all weddings and there are a lot of wedding singers out there plying their trade. This article will hopefully guide you on how to choose the
right wedding singer for your big day.

Wedding Singer

Finding your Wedding Singer
It’s a good bet that your area has its fair share of wedding singers. But they may not be that easy to find. These singers don’t come knocking on your door so you have to be the one to find them. Here are ways on how you can search for someone offering wedding entertainment services:

• Google is your best friend. Simply type “Wedding Singer”, plus the area where you live. Most wedding singers have blogs or websites that advertise their services.

• Social Media is also a good place to start searching for wedding singers. Those who don’t have blogs or websites must surely have Facebook accounts. Browse through their pictures and videos on Facebook and that might just give you a clue of how good they are.

• Browse through wedding directories (online and print).

• Attend weddings and check out the wedding singer.

• Go to bars that offer live entertainment. A lot of wedding singers also moonlight as bar singers.

Choosing Your Wedding Singer
Say you’ve accomplished the above task of finding your wedding singer. What do you do from there?

Of course you need to contact and book them for your wedding. But before you do that, you have to consider several criteria. Here are five questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Does your Wedding Singer sing Your Songs the Way You Like Them?

This is the most important question to ask. You need to make sure you like your potential wedding singer’s total package. Singers are also artists so no two are exactly alike. Each will have their own rendition and interpretation of the songs. Check out how your singer performs live by attending a scheduled gig. This is the only way to determine if you like your singer or not. And you certainly don’t have to live with doubt. If ever you’re not completely comfortable with your chosen singer, go out and shop for others.

2. Do you like the way your Wedding Singer looks?

This may sound discriminatory, but it is important that a wedding singer exude an image of  professionalism and class. You (the bride) are the star of your wedding. You don’t want to be upstaged by a wedding singer in outlandish garb ala Lady Gaga (or Adam Sandler).

3. How much does your Wedding Singer charge?

The bottom line is: you need to know if you can afford your singer or not. Don’t go for someone who charges an arm and a leg for 3 sets when you can get someone just as good for half the price. Yes, you want to provide great entertainment during the reception. But people are there for you, the newlyweds, and not because of the wedding singer. Also ask your chosen singer terms and conditions like: deposits or down payment, number of sets and cancellation fees.

4. Is your Wedding Singer available on your Big Day?

The first three questions become moot if the answer to question # 4 is a ‘no’. Therefore, you need to start looking early. Book your chosen wedding singer in advance to avoid hiccups. If you dilly dally, other couples might beat you to your chosen wedding singer.

5. Is your Wedding Singer open to customize the song list the way you like it?

You’ve got all the details worked out, now you need to work with your wedding singer to come up with song list. Wedding singers are generally flexible in that they allow their client to come up with their own song list. If ever you have song choices that’s not part of the wedding singer’s repertoire, you need to ask if they’re open to learn the song and how fast they can do it.As with the other details of your wedding, choosing your wedding singer should be made with careful consideration. Make sure to find one early on and don’t forget to ask the 5 important questions listed in this article.

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