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Fireworks at your wedding

So… you’re thinking about having a firework display at your wedding?

You’re not alone. A lot of couples want professional firework displays to celebrate starting their new life together. Here’s five thing you ought to consider before booking a firework display however…

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  1. Check that your venue allows fireworks, to avoid disappointment. For more information about what else you should be asking your venue before your wedding day, read our helpful tips here.
  2. What is your budget? You don’t need to spend the earth but good shows cost between £750 and £1500.
  3. Typically firework displays last for about 7 minutes. Try not to have a display that lasts significantly less or more.
  4. A firework display site should be approximately 50 metres long and 25 metres wide clear from cars and marquees. Guests should be 50-75 metres away from fireworks. This depends on your wedding venue but these are the typical safety guidelines.
  5. The most powerful fireworks (category 3) have a noise limit of 120 decibels. There is a Curfew for fireworks between 11pm – 7am so make sure you abide by this to avoid a fine!

Enjoy! Sparks will fly.

For more information about fireworks at your wedding:

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