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DIY Wedding Ideas

While we would always recommend using professionals suppliers for your wedding, if budgets are tight and you have time on your hands, you many enjoy the satisfaction of a little wedding DIY.

Pinterest Charity Wedding Favour

A creative bride, with the investment of a little time can have a thoroughly rewarding experience. It can also provide your day with some beautiful personalised touches. From table planners to decorations, there are a multitude of possibilities when creating your perfect day for less, so to help you we have selected some of our favourite ideas which can be completed in an afternoon, should you enlist the help of your bridesmaids.

1. Favours

favours diy

You can let your creative side run wild when making your own favours. Some simple ideas include filling jars with homemade fudge or jam and compiling your own CD.

2. Decorations

decorations diy wedding

Making your own decorations, whether its bunting or jars are a really good way to personalise your venue in a way that all your guests will be able to notice.  Why not get a florist to prepare your flowers but put them in quirky containers such as mason jars on tables or a milk churn by the entrance?

3. Table Plans and Place Cards

tablesSome venues will provide you with place cards, however many brides now chose to write or print their own. Table plans are equally straightforward and can be made as simple or decorative as you would like them to be, one idea is to write your seating plan on a mirror or antique chalkboard. Don’t forget to personalise the table itself by stamping your initials onto table cloths or runners.

 All images: Pinterest


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