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Using your Wedding Venue for Floral Inspiration

We are delighted to be working with Amie Bone Flowers to bring you monthly tips to help you perfect your wedding flowers. Many brides have an idea of what flowers they would like and which arrangements they would like to create. However, before deciding on the archways and giant flower walls, Amie encourages brides to take a closer look at their wedding venue. For instance, these central London wedding venues  and venues in the West of London cater for all preferences whether you’re after a historical, traditional or modern floral theme. 
amie bones fireplace

Photo credit: Lisa Payne

Stop and think about why you have chosen your wedding venue. What look are you hoping to create on your wedding day? After securing your booking, visit the venue and look around to see what features can be used to compliment your floral decor. These North London wedding venues allow brides-to-be to look around to make sure the setting and surroundings are right for them.  If you want to create a fairytale theme, then try to pick out the venue features that will help compliment this dreamy look. 
amie bones flowers
From staircases and antique vases to fireplaces and ceiling height – Amie gathers her floral inspiration from every corner of a venue. She once did a site visit to a beautiful country venue and based the whole wedding styling on a vase that was stored away in a cupboard in the hallway!
Choose colours that reflect the beauty of the room and arrangements that are not too big and more importantly, not too small for the area you are displaying them in. Remember that flowers can be used to create the wow factor when you and your guests arrive on the big day!
Nu Bride night RSA House plentytodeclare photography-27

Photo credits: Plenty To Declare Photography

Looking for the perfect venue to suit your floral inspirations? Check out these beautiful London wedding venues for ideas.


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