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Too soon?

You will have definitely come across the headline that Cheryl Cole has married Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini last week. The two married in a private ceremony on the 7th July on the island of Mustique with a very small guest list of just four! Cheryl broke the news to fans via her Instagram page, with a photo of her beautiful rings.

Cheryl Cole-wedding-annoucement


Of course, being a celebrity Cheryl’s news has been met with equal measures of excitement and criticism. Or perhaps, more of the latter.

The focus of most headlines? The fact that the couple had only been together for three months before getting married.

Yes, we also agree this is a short time to be together before marriage and yes we’re familiar with the typical ‘crash and burn’ scenario that most celebrity marriages experience.  But we must also agree that every couple is different!

Does the length of time spent together before marriage truly indicate how happy the couple will be or how long they will be together? How soon is too soon?


Good luck to Cheryl and Jean!

Photo credit: Instagram – ladyccole


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