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Wedding Ideas: Wedding Cakes

Picture Perfect Desserts

With the nostalgia of a 1950s ice-cream parlour, pretty pastel takes on the classics are delicious, fun and ready for their close-up! Sweet like sugar and heavy on the sprinkles, we think that playful desserts are a perfect option to be served at a wedding party. Or why not get the girls together to share these with? 

Picture Perfect Desserts Guides for Brides

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10 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas That We Love!

The cutting of the cake is an important part of your wedding day – but what if you don’t want to go down the traditional cake route? From rainbow sponges to giant cheesecakes, we’ve come up with some unique ideas to make your wedding cake stand out from the crowd.

cutting the wedding cake bride groom

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Piece of Cake?

In today’s wedding industry, your wedding cake has no limit (except your imagination!). From cupcakes and Oreo towers to naked cakes and cheese slabs, check out our top 10 ideas.

little cow creative cakes

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It’s Pancake Day!

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday uses up our milk, flour and eggs in preparation for lent – otherwise known as the perfect excuse for a pancake feast. Whether you like them with lemon and sugar, fruit, Nutella or honey – there is a pancake for everyone. Why not share your pancake love with your wedding guests, and serve them on your big day.


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Upcoming Wedding Trends in 2015

With a new year comes new wedding trends. From edgy coordinates to aerial photographs – 2015 is looking bigger and braver than ever.  If you’re getting married this year, here are 8 top trends to watch out for:

The Two Piece – Out with the wedding dress and in with the two piece.  As designers get daring and brides get braver, the “co ordinate” fashion trend will be a popular option in 2015. Creating a stunning, less traditional look – the two piece is perfect for brides seeking something unique and classy.

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Can’t decide on a wedding cake?

Victoria sponge, chocolate, madeira or red velvet?  Buttercream, icing, or jam? The endless variety of wedding cakes makes choosing just ONE a very challenging process. The increasing trend of a dessert table means that you can incorporate a variety of tasty treats into your big day – perfect for couples with a sweet tooth.

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The “Naked Cake”

Fitting well with next season’s relaxed country style for weddings, “Naked Cakes” were a huge trend at this season’s National Wedding Shows. Composed of layered madeira sponge and buttercream, decorated with fresh berries or flowers and dusted with sugar – this style is not only visually stunning but unique from the “traditional” wedding cake.

naked cakes

Cakes by: Meringue Girls and Le Papillon Patisserie.

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Croquembouche – The answers to 5 common questions.

Anyone listening to Simon Mayo’s “Confessions” on Radio 2 yesterday would have heard the tale of an amateur wedding cake maker attempting to make a croquembouche, using their dog’s collar and PVA glue to hold it up.

croquembouche cake

So what is a croquembouche and how are they made? We spoke to croquembouche specialists “Fancy That!” to answer 5 common questions….Read More

Pie anyone?

If you’re looking for an alternative choice for a wedding cake then a wedding pie is perfect for you! Savoury pies are becoming increasingly popular and is a great choice if you’re planning to marry in the Autumn/Winter season as it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. This idea would defiantly link in with a country themed wedding or if you’re getting married in a barn as it is an informal choice for a wedding cake. There are hundreds of flavours to choose from but my personal favourites include cherry, coconut cream, blackberry and apple pie! You will love these pies as they can come in different sizes, flavours and can be arranged to be put in tiers so they look like an actually wedding cake. They can also be decorated with flowers and other decorations to link in with your wedding theme.

Wedding Pie

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Alice in weddingland

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless novels, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we have come up with some quirky ideas that can transform a classical wedding into a wedding wonderland! To incorporate the Alice in Wonderland theme it would be a great idea to host the ceremony and reception outside so choose a venue that has lots of garden space, marquee and trees that can be decorated. For the reception host a Mad Hatters tea party by serving, aromatic teas, classy cocktails, sandwiches and cute cupcakes which have tags that say eat me on them, this will definatly go down a treat with your guests.

Wonderland chandelier

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