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Wedding Ideas: The Ceremony

8 Reasons to love a Castle Wedding

For many brides, getting married in a castle fulfils a childhood dream; it’s the perfect opportunity to feel like a princess for the day. Castles offer stunning landscapes, sweeping staircases and stunning architecture – whilst offering couples the opportunity to create unforgettable memories in a unique and luxurious venue. If we haven’t already convinced you, check out our 8 reasons to get married in a castle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 09.33.17 1

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WIN your Confetti

Confetti is a magical part of a wedding day and an opportunity for your guests to celebrate that special “post-wedding” moment. Shropshire Petals is a unique confetti company who grow natural petal confetti on their own Shropshire farm. Natural bio-degradable confetti is eco-friendly and is therefore preferred by venues.

*Competition* – Shropshire Petals are giving TEN lucky brides the chance to win confetti for their big day. The competition ends on July 14th 2015.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”  ~ A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Struggling to find your dream wedding theme? With summer fast approaching, what could be more romantic than re-creating the magical Shakespearian play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Cast your creative mind to majestic feathers, wild blooms, suspended candles and swinging lanterns. Now you’ve begun to imagine your fairytale Shakespearian wedding, check out our dreamy inspiration.

Ettington Park

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Green & Eco-Friendly Weddings – 5 ways you can achieve this

You can achieve a memorable, unique and stylish wedding without over-spending or literally costing the earth. Eco-Friendly wedding can take many shapes and forms and could be a great way of giving your wedding personality.

Here are five ways you can achieve a green & eco-friendly wedding…

1) Have your wedding outside. You will avoid the cost of lighting and your photos will look fantastic with natural lighting (obviously better suited to the warmer months!). If this is not possible, try choosing a venue with great natural lighting – less electrical lighting will be needed.

Abbeywood Estate


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Gretna Green – history and romance

Known primarily as a hotspot for runaway weddings, Gretna Green emerged as a wedding destination due to amendments within English marriage laws as well as its close proximity to England. English law required couples to be over the age of 21 to marry without parental consent. In Scotland however, it was possible to marry ‘on the spot’ so long as both members of the couple were 16 and single, which meant Gretna Green was the perfect destination for couples who were young and in love!

SB shop

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Alternative ceremonies

Lots to be done, the venue, the flowers, the rings, the cake, the bridesmaids, that dress, the suits, the photographer, the menu. But what about the ceremony? Whether you choose religious or civil, the choice of ceremony is not of your choice. The ceremony you have is the same as everyone else’s (give or take some small details).
Here are some of the different cermony options that a Celebrant can offer:

unity candle

Unity candle – One of the most popular ceremonial elements.  This involves personalised candles being lit at the beginning of the wedding ceremony (often by the parents of the couple) to symbolise your separate lives.  After the couple has exchanged their vows and wedding rings, they will be invited to use the single candles to light the large unity candle representing their married life together.  It is suggested to all Cherish couples that they light their candle each year on their anniversary to recall their wedding vowsRead More

What is a Celebrant?

Traditionally, couples approached their local church to conduct their wedding, but this doesn’t always suit everyone.  Perhaps you don’t have a particularly strong religious belief – or maybe no religious belief at all.  Maybe you and your partner are of different religions, which would make a marriage in a church, synagogue or mosque difficult.
cherish1A civil ceremony may therefore be your option.  The law of England and Wales is very specific regarding what Registrars can allow at civil ceremonies.  (Note that the law differs in Scotland).   Currently, English law states that a wedding:

– Must take place in a building (or other structure with a fixed roof) which is open to the public and licensed for weddings
– There cannot be any religious content whatsoever, either in the readings, the vows or the musicRead More

Wed under a wedding arch

Wedding arches are the perfect setting to exchange your vows, here are some creative wedding arch ideas that are either created by a professional, by nature or by yourself which will certainly make you want to say your I do’s! If you’re looking for a fairytale arch then decorate with bouquets of blooming pink and white flowers, strings of pearls and crystals to create a dreamy but simple effect.

Wedding arch

Decorate with large bouquets of flowers and strings of beads if you want to create a striking backdrop which is truly beautiful. If you’re getting married somewhere exotic or on the beach then a pretty creation to use is a simple arch but then decorated with colourful flowers that compliment the green leaves to create a fun and exotic effect. Orange and yellow flowers can be strung down from the arch to create the illusion of floating flowers. Sometimes you don’t even need an arch; find the perfect tree that is large enough to cover you and your wedding guests so make the most of nature by seating you guests under it and if you want a simple decoration then why not hang several white lanterns to the branches.

If you’re looking for something more unique, then create a work of art by decorating a plain wooden arch with colourful paper pinwheels, lanterns and cut-out decorations, this is a quirky alternative from the normal flower arches. I hope that you have a gathered a little inspiration to create the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Wedding lantern arch

Unusual wedding venues

Are you looking for somewhere really unusual to get married? Well how about the world famous Spitbank Fort, in the middle of the Solent, offering a luxury private island and very exclusive use! Not only does Spitbank Fort have 8 luxurious bedroom suites, private transfers, but you have use of the lighthouse, providing a stunning setting for your wedding photos.

Spitbank Fort

Spitbank Fort

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Town Hall wedding revival

In a lot of  town’s around the country we have some beautiful Town Hall’s that are all licensed to hold Civil Ceremonies and Civil Partnerships.  Town Council’s are now aware that  their Town Halls  can be used for a multitude of events, and are keen to promote themselves to brides and grooms.

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