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Wedding Ideas: Entertainment

Star Dresses of the NTA’s

Last night, television stars were out and dazzling at the National Television Awards in a glittering London. On the blog this month, we’ve celebrated Hollywood and The Golden Globes for their iconic looks and now, it’s our turn! 

national television awards best dressed

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Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Music

How you plan to keep your wedding guests entertained is one of the big questions you face when you plan your wedding. While your main focus is on the event of getting married itself, your guests are probably more likely to remember the day based on how much fun they had in the evening rather than anything about the ceremony. That may sound a little harsh, yet it’s true for most of us.

wedding band in field how to choose your wedding music

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Get your guests up on their feet!

Finding the right evening entertainment can be a challenge; looking for a musician, band or DJ that not only reflects you as a couple, but will also provide your guests with a night to remember is by no means an easy task. However, everything is possible and there are so many amazing wedding businesses which specialise in evening wedding entertainment to help transform your wedding reception into the perfect party.
pinterest wedding

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Fireworks at your wedding

So… you’re thinking about having a firework display at your wedding?

You’re not alone. A lot of couples want professional firework displays to celebrate starting their new life together. Here’s five thing you ought to consider before booking a firework display however…

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  1. Check that your venue allows fireworks, to avoid disappointment. For more information about what else you should be asking your venue before your wedding day, read our helpful tips here.
  2. What is your budget? You don’t need to spend the earth but good shows cost between £750 and £1500.
  3. Typically firework displays last for about 7 minutes. Try not to have a display that lasts significantly less or more.
  4. A firework display site should be approximately 50 metres long and 25 metres wide clear from cars and marquees. Guests should be 50-75 metres away from fireworks. This depends on your wedding venue but these are the typical safety guidelines.
  5. The most powerful fireworks (category 3) have a noise limit of 120 decibels. There is a Curfew for fireworks between 11pm – 7am so make sure you abide by this to avoid a fine!

Enjoy! Sparks will fly.

For more information about fireworks at your wedding:

Need fireworks for your wedding? Check out who your nearest supplier is here.

How to hire a Wedding Singer

Weddings are never complete without someone to serenade the newlyweds and the guests. And that’s what a wedding singer does. These entertainers have become par for all weddings and there are a lot of wedding singers out there plying their trade. This article will hopefully guide you on how to choose the
right wedding singer for your big day.

Wedding Singer

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Wedding Fireworks – a good idea?

Last night’s New Years Eve firework display in Sydney Harbour included more than £5,000,000 of fireworks ($6.8 million) in a display watched via TV from around the world.

Assuming you don’t have unlimited funds and access to several barges, bridges and tall buildings to fire fireworks from, a wedding display is going to be far more modest, but how modest can you go without losing the wow factor?

  1. Check that your venue doesn’t have restrictions on fireworks. Any venue in a built up area is unlikely to allow fireworks after 10pm.
  2. Considering using “silent fireworks” in a venue with sound restrictions? For most people the sound effects are as important as the light show.
  3. Get creative. Experienced firework companies can set a simple, inexpensive display to music to add an extra dimension, and “pad out” the display.
  4. If you are aiming for a DIY display go for a self contained firework “cake”. They cost around £200 and have just one fuse triggering a short but effective display.

Don’t forget, if you are planning a DIY display you will need to clear it with your venue first and someone needs to stay sober to fire it.


Get your Gatsby on!

As the hit movie, The Great Gatsby has danced its way on to our screens this year, it seems appropriate for everyone to get their Gatsby on, including brides! For a glamourous hen night why not take a Charleston masterclass at Claridges with your friends, this would include being taught the fabulous moves from the twenties by the professional dancers, ‘The Bee’s Knees’ and when your feet are worn out from doing the bunny hop you can enjoy elegant cocktails like the `Flapper` at the end of the session. Also, to get the full experience of of this glamourous era you and your friends will be able to adorn yourselves with accessories such as sequined headbands, strings of pearls and satin elbow-length gloves to feel like a true Gatsby girl!


If you would like a Gatsby inspired wedding dress, then play it like Daisy by choosing a curve hugging silhouette and embracing the strings of pearls and elegant embellishment which is a great alternative twist from the classical wedding dresses. Headpieces were a statement fashion accessory in the twenties, so if you would like to standout on your big day then look out for pretty combs, clips and even tiaras too!Read More

Wedding breakfast background music

A good choice is a string quartet which consists of two violins, a viola, a cello and an organist who can play hymns for church ceremonies and also at the wedding breakfast.­­ The advantages of choosing a string quartet to play on your special day is that they are able to play indoors and outdoors, are small enough for conversation to flow easily and their music is sophisticated to create a formal atmosphere.

However, remember live musicians must have public liability insurance to cover them if a guest is injured by their equipment and make sure that they have their portable appliance test certificate for any electrical equipment used by the band.

String quartet

Wigornia String Quartet

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Your wedding reception party is when everyone can ditch the posh hats, kick off their shoes, and really enjoy themselves.
Make your guests feel like celebrities from the moment they arrive with comedy paparazzi at the door, desperate for that ‘scoop shot’, and first drinks served from ‘living tables’, complete with costumed host or hostess in the middle! Line the way into your venue with eye-catching ice sculptures, leading to a neon-lit bar with flair bartenders ready to mix up a storm of breath-taking cocktails.

Alive Network - Living tables

Alive Network – Living tables

Whether you love to salsa, boogie, jive, hop or just go disco crazy, there’s a wedding function band for hire just waiting to play for you!Read More

Why use an agency when booking your wedding entertainment?

Possibly the biggest day in your life, you want things to be perfect and choosing live entertainment for your wedding is an important decision. Using an agency can help, maybe you need a little inspiration too?

The Emporer

Using an agency makes hiring a wedding band or live wedding entertainment easy by providing hundreds of reviews from previous customers as well as videos of the artists.Read More


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