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Wedding Ideas: Guests

Spring is Here – how to make your wedding green and gorgeous

The man with the green thumb, boutique florist Agent F is back with us to talk trends and, Greenery is absolutely perfect! As a specialist in luxury wedding ideas and gorgeous botanicals, Agent F is primed on social media with some of the best inspiration going. Here’s his take on getting your wedding bursting with life! 

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The 10 commandments of social media at weddings

Millennials are obsessed with social media, and our weddings are no exception. But what is the social media etiquette for guests, is there a set of rules to follow? The short answer is no, as it really depends on the couple and their wishes, but we think these ten commandments of social media wedding etiquette are a pretty good place to start. 

social media etiquette the 10 commandments of social media at weddings

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8 “Annoying Things” that Wedding Guests do

Whilst your guests probably consist of your ‘nearest and dearest’ – it is often those closest to you who can annoy you the most. After planning the perfect day, you don’t want your guests to ruin it. Here’s 8 annoying things which guests do:

1. Forgetting to RSVP – You’ve sent out invites and you’re anxiously awaiting replies. Some people are unorganised and may need a reminder to send that vital RSVP.

2. Ask to bring a plus one – Cheeky guests may try to extend their invitation. You feel rude saying no, but your friend’s new boyfriend is not really at the top of your guest list.

plus one

Photo credit: Pinterest

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The suit solution – to hire or buy?

Black tie suit

For some grooms, their wedding day is one of the rare occasion they put on a formal suit, and hiring makes perfect sense. For others, every time they hire they kick themselves that they didn’t buy the first time they needed a suit as they would have recouped their money by now.

So, to hire or buy? We have an easy check list to help you decide:

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Hats off!

One of the things that guests love to do at weddings is gossip about what other people are wearing so why not stand out in a beautiful hat! A big part of the wedding is the Mother of the bride and everyone knows that she needs to look amazing so you will need to find a specialist company who covers a wide range of designs, styles, shapes and colours to fit the colour scheme and create a classic look.

Star Stunner

The Hat Thing

If you are not into hats why not consider an elegant fascinator to match your outfit perfectly and compliment the colours in your accessorises like your shoes and bag. If you want to make a statement, why not choose the Star Stunner which includes the colours red and orange which would fit a summer season. Also, it would certainly catch people’s attention when you walk into the church and is an alternative from the classic fascinators! However if you are going for the classic look why not choose the Ivory fascinator which is timeless and creates an elegant impression.

Vintage cosmetics

Continuing with the vintage theme for bridesmaids and teenage guests, it is nice to see such a beautifully presented range from The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

vintage cosmetic selection

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