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Bridal Gown Shopping: DO’s and DON’Ts

Booking appointments at bridal wear shops is a good start to finding your dream dress; assistants will be able to chat to you about your ideas, offering different styles and supplying professional advice. Trying on dresses can be exhausting as you struggle to find “THE one” or struggle to decide between three!  However, it can also be stressful for bridal shop assistants who end their day desperately trying to scrub off make up from their pricey gowns. bridal gown shopping When dress shopping there are some DO’s and DON’Ts which can transform you from Bridezilla to Dream Bride in the eyes of the shop assistants…

1. Don’t wear fake tan – No body wants to buy a dress covered in streaky tan marks. If you want to be tanned, then opt for an overnight fake tan which washes off in the morning, leaving you bronzed and more importantly, clean!

2. Don’t wear make up – For many people, trying on dresses is not the same when you don’t have your make up on. If you cannot be separated from your foundation and lip stick – then try to limit your make up to the bare minimum.

3. Shower before shopping – Before you hit your appointments make sure you shower so that you wash off any old fake tan or make up.  It will also mean that you leave the dresses smelling fresh for the next person.

4. Don’t wear perfume/deodorant – Perfume and deodorants are personal smells which may not be to everybody’s taste.  Some are particularly strong smelling and can linger on the dresses for weeks.  Refrain from wearing any smells to ensure the dresses are kept smelling neutral! pinterest dress shopping bridal Photo credit: Pinterest

5. Limit yourself to one friend – Bringing your entire bridal party will make dress shopping more complicated and confusing (for you and the shop assistants!).  You’ll be torn by their differing preferences. Take one friend who will give you an honest opinion, and will also support your choice.

6. Make sure you are in a positive mood – Don’t be a Bridezilla! If you go dress shopping in a negative mood then chances are, you will not find anything you like. You will probably come away feeling stressed and even more negative.  If you’re not in the right mood for trying on dresses then re-schedule the appointments where possible.

7. Wear the right underwear – You may not have purchased your official wedding underwear yet, but wearing a pink frilly undergarment is not the most sensible idea.  Wear simple underwear, which is unlikely to show through dresses.  If you own secret underwear to “hold you in,” then it may be worth taking it along.

8. Accessories – Bring any accessories you may have already bought (veil, tiara, jewellery).  Although the advice is to get your dress prior to accessory shopping – if you have found the perfect veil then you need to make sure it looks right with your dress.


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