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And fire exits are here, here and here…

Am I the only one that feels the endless announcements made by some registrars or vicars  can totally spoil the sense of occasion at the beginning of the wedding?

Guests are settled in to their allotted places and are getting into the wedding mood with carefully chosen music, and just when they are ready for the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba to strike up, the marriage celebrant grabs a microphone.

At a wedding I went to on Saturday, we were asked not to use flash photography, not to throw confetti, even if it biodegradable,  to leave the village via a particular route and to please give generously to the church funds (with a long delay to proceedings while the collection plate was found and strategically placed). We were then shown exactly how to read our Order of Service and where to join in, followed by a rehearsal (guest participation obligatory) of all the parts in bold.

Meanwhile the Bride waited, shivering, in the church yard. No wonder she had a tear in her eye when she finally walked down the aisle.


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