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An Advent Calendar to remember!

This year, if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional chocolate advent calendar then we have the perfect idea – an advent calendar oozing romance. Show the one you love how much you care with a creative, thoughtful calendar – perfect for engaged or newlywed couples. Out with the chocolate and in with the romance, treats and surprises.

pinterest advent calendar

All you’ll need is some paper and envelopes to create your secret advent calendar. Whether you’re wanting to keep it simple or use your inner creative genius, there are no restrictions when it comes to making your very own advent calendar. 

pinterest advent calendar

Photo credits: A Beautiful Mess.

24 days of love letters. For each day in the lead up to Christmas, write your partner a love note. It’s a simply way to communicate those important thoughts that perhaps you don’t normally say! 

pinterest love note

Take the opportunity to tell them what you love about them and what makes them special to you. Whether it be one of their little habits, the way they sleep or wash up, or even their adorable sneeze…

giphy (1)

24 days of adorable vouchers. Each voucher can be as simple or expensive as you like. Whether you’re giving your fiancé a massage voucher or a hall pass to Paris – every thought counts. You could even add a little expiry date to give some indication of when you’d like them to use it by!

pinterest advent calendar

24 days of cute instructions. These can be instructions for your partner; meet me at 8 in the sitting room for movie and pizza. Or they could be instructions for you both which will brighten up both your days. We love this cute idea…

pinterest advent

Photo credits: Pinterest

Or – combine all three for a mix and match calendar!

Let’s face it ladies – we’d LOVE to receive one of these romantic advent calendars. Throw a hint out and share this blog with your fiancé. Note to all men, if you’re reading this, we encourage the creation of the above. The end result will be 24 days of…




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