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5 Amazing Honeymoons That Won’t Break The Bank

If you’re looking for the perfect romantic honeymoon destination – without tying your bank balance in knots – then never fear. There are plenty of romantic getaways available around the globe which will help to get your blossoming marriage off to a dream start.

Each of these destinations is geared towards a specific type of holiday-maker, so you’ll be sure to encounter something that you and your partner both adore. Whether you love the allure of picturesque cities, the heady giddiness of a foreign culture brimming with tradition, the siren call of the sea or the irresistible appeal of scenic conservation lands, there’s a budget honeymoon for everyone. Here are five of the best to get any taste buds salivating and any wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

1. Venice, Italy

venice flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

If Paris is the city of love, Venice is surely the city of romance. With the appearance of floating on the water, Venice has innumerable hidden bridges, cobbled alleyways and quaint courtyards for you and your lover to get lost in. With many family run restaurants, the recipes have had much time to come to perfection, while waiting staff make it their life goal to turn their profession into an art form. And as for the art, every nook and cranny of the city harbours clandestine curios and mystical treasures, just waiting to be discovered. Its proximity to the UK makes flights inexpensive and brief, and package deals can make the whole trip eminently affordable. For a city honeymoon, Venice can’t be beaten.

2. Cape Verde


For a reclusive beach getaway, it’s unbelievable how few people are aware of the charms of this former Portuguese colony off the west coast of Africa. Lying on the same latitude as Barbados, Cape Verde enjoys similar year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches and crystalline waters as its more illustrious counterpart, but without the hefty price tag. As well as the obvious tropical attractions, Cape Verde is also brimming with an interesting hotchpotch of culture. The Portuguese influence blends seamlessly with its African roots to produce a sumptuous smorgasbord of culinary and cultural delights.

3. Jicaro Island, Nicaragua


Jicaro Island Ecolodge is the perfect mix of nature and luxury; an admirable feat of combining decadent opulence with conservationist ideals in a private, boutique environment. Situated on one of the many small islands that are dotted around Lake Granada, the lodge is the ideal jumping off point for exploring nearby Granada and León, climbing a volcano or trekking in the lush Nicaraguan rainforest. Alternatively, you could just spend your days lazing around the island, swimming in the lake, enjoying massages and partaking in the delectable cuisine heaped on by the extraordinarily talented head chef. With nine cottages on the island, specifically designed for loved-up couples, and a dedicated team of staff determined to deliver the very best in style, comfort and enjoyment, you can’t go wrong.

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand


Known by the Thai people as “the rose of the North”, Chiang Mai is an immersive mix of culture and adventure. You won’t want to miss the famous golden-gilded temple of Wat Phrathat, a stunning jewel in the city’s crown, while there is also the opportunity to ride an elephant, learn how to cook your partner’s favourite Thai dish or – for the more adventurous – climb together into the cage of a tiger! Though the flights to this part of the world can be a little expensive, once you have arrived you’ll find that five-star quality comes in at an incredibly low price.

5. The Algarve, Portugal

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 16.17.22

For outdoorsy-types who are looking for an extended period tramping around the wilderness, look no further than nearby Portugal. Specifically, Eco-lodge Brejeira in the very heart of the Algarve offers an experience like no other. All suites are fitted out in unique style, from the gypsy caravan from Holland and the renovated German fire engine to the exquisite Mongolian yurt, there is something for everyone and memories that will last a lifetime. All cabins come equipped with a shower and compost bathroom, so you can be as at one with nature as you are with your new spouse.


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