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18 Magical Ideas for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Achieving the fairy tale wedding of your dreams is easier than you think! It’s all in the detail. Whether you love delicate pastel flowers and fairy lights or extravagant horse-drawn carriages, we’ve got some dreamy inspiration for you. Check out our 18 magical ideas for a fairy tale themed wedding. Remember, nobody is too old for fairy tales…

cinderella wedding dress

1) Invitations

Establish the fairy tale theme early on with some gorgeous invitations. This is a great way to set the tone whilst also getting your guests excited for your big day! You can also get a great selection of fairy tale invitations on Etsy or, if you want to go all out, you could try adding a personal touch by hand-making them yourself.

fairytale invitations once upon a time

2) Delicate Florals.

When it comes to fairy tale weddings you can never have too many flowers. Use this as the perfect excuse to go overboard with your flowers and fill your venue with as many beautiful blooms as you like. For full effect, opt for a pastel colour scheme with pale shades of pink and purple and your wedding will look like a fairy tale come to life. 

bride chandelier and flowers

3) Romantic Fireworks

What better way to end your wedding day than with a stunning display of fireworks? Take a romantic moment with your new spouse as you watch the fireworks in the night sky.

Our Top Tip: A lot of popular wedding venues don’t allow fireworks on-site so make sure that your chosen venue allows them!

fireworks bride and groom

 4) Napkins

We are obsessed with these pretty fairy tale napkins! They are the perfect way to make sure that the fairy tale theme continues into your wedding breakfast. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money, you can even buy personalised napkins.

fairytale napkin

5) Beautiful Jewellery

We love this little fairy tale necklace. Jewellery can be an amazing way to reflect the theme of your wedding. Add a touch of fairy tale magic to your bridal look with a piece of unique fairy tale jewellery. It doesn’t have to be a big statement piece, you can simply wear a delicate pair of princess-inspired earrings to tie the look together.

once upon a time necklace

6) Sparkly Shoes

Sparkly shoes are a must for any glamorous fairy tale. We love these beautiful diamanté heels, but if you really want to commit to the theme you can always try out a pair of glass slippers!

wedding shoes sparkly

7) Dreamy Bridal Hairstyles

Whether you have long, short, curly or straight hair, you can bring the fairy tale magic to life with your wedding hairstyle. Feel free to get creative and draw inspiration from your favourite fairy tale princesses. However, if you’re struggling to find inspiration for your bridal hair then check out our Pinterest board of our favourite wedding hairstyles. There are plenty of stunning styles to give you the inspiration you need for your wedding look. 

Our Top Tip: Try a flower crown to instantly add a touch of magic to your bridal hair.

fairytale wedding hair

8) Adorable Cutlery

This knife and fork combo would make such a subtle yet brilliant addition to your big day. You can buy personalised cutlery from online stores such as Etsy but we think this adorable set is perfect for a wedding with a fairy tale theme.

knife and fork fairytale quote

9) THE Dress

No princess is complete without her beautiful gown. Take your inspiration from your favourite Disney princesses and you’ll end up with the most gorgeous fairy tale inspired look you’ve ever seen. Try to step out of your comfort zone with your dress and wear something that makes you feel your best. Make the most of this opportunity to be the princess at your own ball!

Top Tip: We think that this stunning gown is perfect for a fairy tale wedding!

wedding dress flowers

10) Mirror Menus

We are obsessed with this idea! It’s such a simple yet unique way to add a touch of fairy tale magic to your wedding meal. You can take this one step further and work with your caterers to create dishes that follow the fairy tale theme. Snow White’s poison apple cake, anyone?

mirror menus

11) Fairy Lights

Fairy lights instantly make any venue look completely magical! Whether you drape them from the ceiling or twirl them around trees, fairy lights are guaranteed to transform your wedding.

Top Tip: If your venue is outside, remember that you’ll need to power these lights somehow. A beautiful wedding surrounded by hundreds of extension leads might not be exactly the fairy tale magic you were looking for…

fairy lights close up

12) A Book of Fairy Tales

Bring the fairy tale magic to life with a giant book of fairy tales. This unique idea will make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos and will take your wedding theme to the next level. This is definitely one for a bride who wants to go all out with the theme! 

fairytale wedding book

13) The Cake

The wedding cake is an amazing opportunity to get creative with your theme. Gather inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and show it to your cake supplier so that they can create the cake of your dreams for you.

Our Top Tip: Try adding berries and delicate floral details to your cake for a beautiful fairy tale look.

fairytale cakes

14) Sparkler Photo

These beautiful photographs are a must at fairy tale weddings! You can ask your photographer to create a photo like this using a sparkler and a long exposure shot. We love this stunning way to bring your wedding photos to life.

wedding couple sparklers

15) Cinderella’s Carriage

Forget vintage cars, imagine arriving to your wedding in a Cinderella-style carriage… This is the ultimate idea for any fairy tale wedding. We love the floral touches to this carriage.

wedding cinderella carriage

16) Wedding Signs 

We love wedding signs! They make great backdrops for wedding photos and add cute details to the overall day. 

Our Top Tip: DIY weddings are on-trend this year. Why not make a wedding sign yourself?

wedding sign fairytale

17) Enchanted Woodlands

Woodland weddings are going to be big this year so why not be ahead of the curve? There’s no better location for a dreamy fairy tale wedding than in the forest. Drape the trees with fairy lights and hanging lanterns and you’re good to go! 

woodland wedding

18) Fairy Dust

This cute idea can be used as a part of your table decoration or as unique wedding favours. We think that it is a brilliant way to make your wedding a little more sparkly!

fairy dust wedding favour

Fairy Tale weddings are about creating a balance between elegance and fun. Don’t take it too seriously and you’re guaranteed to have the perfect fairy tale wedding day! If you still need even more fairy tale inspiration then check out our Fairy Tale Fantasy Pinterest board, or start planning your fairytale wedding at one of these London venues.

fairy tale quote

Photo Credits: Pinterest.


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