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10 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers can be a challenge with so many wonderful blooms, tempting colours and unique textures to choose from. From season and budget to your florist and venue – there are lots of different things to consider when choosing those all-important wedding flowers. Check out our top tips to give you a helping hand!
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1. Brainstorm ideas. First things first, you need to start thinking about your dream wedding flowers! The perfect excuse to get pinning on Pinterest and gather inspiration from other brides and their choice of wedding flowers. Pinterest and Instagram are a great source of inspiration for flower decor such as flower walls and archways.

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Photo credits: Annie May Flowers
2. Make a list. Before talking to a Florist, it may be worthwhile noting down your floral wish list! Whilst some brides may just want bouquets and buttonholes, others may want bouquets for their parents, flower walls and centrepieces! Having a list will help save you time in the long run and will hopefully make it quicker to get a quotation.

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Photo credit: Bridal Flowers Direct 

3Book an appointment. Book a face to face appointment with your florist. This will enable you the time to discuss exactly what you are looking for. Your florist will be able to suggest new ideas and understand what types of flowers you like… and those you don’t! Taking a swatch of your bridesmaid dress colour and any inspiration you like is always helpful. They will also be able to give you a much more detailed price break down for your budget. Click here to find a fabulous florist in your local area.
4. Think about the season. No matter what the season, you will never be short of choice! However, it’s good to keep an idea of what blooms are in season around your wedding day. These will be cheaper and may mean that you can afford more for your budget. 
5. Think about the meaning. Different flowers have different meanings making them sentimental for your big day. Whether you choose red flowers to represent your declaration of love or peonies to symbolise a happy life, good health and happy marriage – there are so many adorable meanings which you can bring out in your wedding flowers. 


Photo credit: The Flowerstalk 

6. Consider the venue space. If you have already booked your venue you may want to think about the style and layout as this can affect your choice of bloom and positioning of flower decor. For example, if the venue has a grand staircase, you may want to maximise the impact and wrap flower garlands around the bannister. A good question to ask your Florist is whether they have worked at your venue before. If possible, meet them there for a walk around – they might come up with some ideas for the space you hadn’t thought of! 

simply flowers

Photo credit: Simply Flowers

7. Think about your dress. If you have already brought your wedding dress, your florist may be interested to know the shape and style.  They don’t need to see it but as much information as you can give about the shape, fabric, colour and beading can be really valuable as it can help them decide on the style of the bouquet.

8. Consider using textures. Why not mix up your bouquet and experiment with different textures such as fruit and pine cones. This can help create something really unique and memorable for your big day. We love the use of crab apples and physalis which are great seasonal additions to an autumn bouquet.

FbK Bouquet Photo

Photo credit: Flowers by Kirsty

9. Who will be doing the arrangements? Check that the florist you have been liaising with is the person who will be doing the arrangements. If it isn’t, make sure you chat with the appropriate person at a later date so they get a feel for you and your style. 

10. Other bookings. Check with your florist how many other events they have booked for your wedding date (hopefully the answer is none!). If you’re paying a florist for their service, ideally you want their undivided attention to ensure those blooms are looking perfect and arriving on time.

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Photo credit: Violets Garden



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