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10 “Must Have” Wedding Shots

Do you want original wedding photographs which capture your big day in unique style? Photographs are dynamic and your wedding photo shoot can be too. Do you want to have fun capturing those special moments? Here are some ideas to inspire you… 1. The “Getting Ready” Shot – Try to capture the ‘girls just wanna have fun’ moment whilst you get ready for your big day. pinterest girls just wanna have fun Photo: Pinterest 2. Your Bridal Party – Remember how you met your bridesmaids, or how they are linked to your wedding.  Buy some blackboards and get them to write down their connection to you! bridesmaids first look Photo: Pinterest 3. The “First Look” – Capture that precious moment when your groom first lays eyes on you! first look pinterest Photo: Pinterest 4. The Reaction to “The First Kiss” – Capture your guests reaction.  If you have little ones at your big day, it may be worth focusing on their shocked faces! first kiss reaction Photo: Pinterest 5. Three Generations of Marriage – Take a photo featuring you, your Mother and Grandmother’s wedding rings.  This will create a special photograph for all of you. three generations pinterest Photo: Pinterest 6. Use your veil! This makes for a simple, intimate and stunning shot. Pinterest veil groom Photo: Pinterest 7. Flower Girl Fun – They’re young…so make the photo fun! flower girls pinterest Photo: Pinterest 8. The Wedding Party Shot – Forget about spending an hour trying to get everyone lined up in height order!  Be creative and take a fun aerial photo of your guests. party Photo: Ahuvi Photography 9. The “Small Perspective” – This photo is all about having fun and creating something that little bit different! small perspective Photo: Altered Images  10. An Aerial View  – Capture the full beauty of your wedding dress with an aerial shot. d8830bcaeaff0153a7266f8c4c93be6d Photo: Graham McCallion Photography  


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