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Venue hunt: a non-wedding venue??? by favouritecake

I am on the hunt for a non-cookie-cutter wedding type venue and am having no luck - has anyone gone...

8,370 view(s) | 18 post(s) | Last Post by AnnieMay 30/10/2014 02:45PM
8,3701830/10/2014 02:45PM
Last Post by AnnieMay


Hello Everyone, I am in the process of completing a degree in Hospitality and simultaneously I a...

774 view(s) | 5 post(s) | Last Post by jeweltucker 23/10/2014 04:47PM
774523/10/2014 04:47PM
Last Post by jeweltucker

Is 58eveningdress. legit? by Anastasia110

I'm looking to buy a prom dress off that website, but i'm not sure if its a legitimate website that...

265 view(s) | 2 post(s) | Last Post by eva 22/10/2014 03:58AM
265222/10/2014 03:58AM
Last Post by eva

Mother of the Bride by Lorraine_28June14

Hi All, My mum and I are really struggling to find a MOB outfit. Can anyone recommend a good sh...

885 view(s) | 5 post(s) | Last Post by user_29205 17/10/2014 05:59PM
885517/10/2014 05:59PM
Last Post by user_29205

opinions needed re children at wedding by kraftykidsblackpool

Hi all. My name is Sarah and I run a craft and creativity business in blackpool called Krafty Kids ...

202 view(s) | 1 post(s) | Last Post by kraftykidsblackpool 11/10/2014 04:31PM
202111/10/2014 04:31PM
Last Post by kraftykidsblackpool

Need help with wedding planning? by zarapowell

Hi ladies, I work for a television company and we're looking to speak to couples who are having...

199 view(s) | 1 post(s) | Last Post by zarapowell 09/10/2014 10:56AM
199109/10/2014 10:56AM
Last Post by zarapowell

Unusual Wedding Venue Surrey by hrandrews

Hi, I am recently engaged and looking for a wedding reception venue that is a bit less run of the m...

328 view(s) | 1 post(s) | Last Post by hrandrews 29/09/2014 09:46PM
328129/09/2014 09:46PM
Last Post by hrandrews

Looking for a videographer by Joanne0410

Hi all We are currently looking for a videographer to film our day. Does anyone have any recomme...

1,410 view(s) | 7 post(s) | Last Post by wheresmycomb 16/09/2014 03:11PM
1,410716/09/2014 03:11PM
Last Post by wheresmycomb

Couples Needed For BBC Game Show! by VictoryTelevision

Couples Needed! Victory Television are looking for couples to take part in an exciting new BBC S...

954 view(s) | 4 post(s) | Last Post by sennifer 11/09/2014 04:05PM
954411/09/2014 04:05PM
Last Post by sennifer

Can I have 7 bridesmaids?! by OliveJRW

Hi! I am in the very early stages of planning my wedding for summer 2015. I have a huge dilemma... ...

2,767 view(s) | 11 post(s) | Last Post by sennifer 11/09/2014 04:00PM
2,7671111/09/2014 04:00PM
Last Post by sennifer

Wedding photographer and videographer required -wedding cake offered in exchange by EmandJohn

Would any photographers and videographers be interested in filmiing our wedding day in exchange for...

719 view(s) | 2 post(s) | Last Post by SANDY13 10/09/2014 07:41PM
719210/09/2014 07:41PM
Last Post by SANDY13

wedding venues in Glasgow - where? by albertk2

Hello I looking for unique wedding venues in Glasgow can you recommend me something? my specificati...

667 view(s) | 3 post(s) | Last Post by wheresmycomb 09/09/2014 03:28PM
667309/09/2014 03:28PM
Last Post by wheresmycomb

newbury make up artist? by -p-i-x-i-e-

has anyone used a good makeup artist that covers the newbury(berks) area? im struggling to find ...

3,462 view(s) | 4 post(s) | Last Post by Preeti Bains 05/09/2014 12:35PM
3,462405/09/2014 12:35PM
Last Post by Preeti Bains

Wedding dress by CarolineP

I'm struggling to find 'the' dress & although I have been to some wonderful shops I wondered if...

1,482 view(s) | 6 post(s) | Last Post by gfbadmin 04/09/2014 09:19AM
1,482604/09/2014 09:19AM
Last Post by gfbadmin

Help!! No real theme for our wedding! do we need one?? by LyndseyLuke2014

Hi all We're getting married in early October next year and im struggling to find a colour and the...

1,714 view(s) | 6 post(s) | Last Post by MariaPetterson 19/08/2014 11:09AM
1,714619/08/2014 11:09AM
Last Post by MariaPetterson

Silver Kurt Geiger Shoes & Clutch Bag - Ideal for Bridesmaids by MrsSDtobe

These shoes are Brand New Never Worn ! They are stunning. Size 5 - Kurt Geiger and matching C... Attachments

1,130 view(s) | 2 post(s) | Last Post by RichardsBert 19/08/2014 08:08AM
1,130219/08/2014 08:08AM
Last Post by RichardsBert

Walking Down the Aisle Songs by Denisebrown

I'm looking for a 'non traditional' song to walk down the aisle to. It's a church wedding. An...

2,278 view(s) | 5 post(s) | Last Post by BrideLena 12/08/2014 03:57PM
2,278512/08/2014 03:57PM
Last Post by BrideLena

Bachelorette Party tips... by BrideLena

My best friend will be getting married in January and I'm one of the four bridesmaids. This will be... Attachments

653 view(s) | 2 post(s) | Last Post by BrideLena 12/08/2014 03:53PM
653212/08/2014 03:53PM
Last Post by BrideLena

Hi everyone! by BrideLena

Hi everyone! I've been engaged last month and have decided to go for an October wedding next year! ...

697 view(s) | 3 post(s) | Last Post by BrideLena 11/08/2014 09:53PM
697311/08/2014 09:53PM
Last Post by BrideLena

Can anyone recommend a good wedding band? by Corbs

We're getting married next July and are desperate to find a good live band for our evening receptio...   (Pages: 1 2)

19,357 view(s) | 36 post(s) | Last Post by astra 11/08/2014 01:16PM
19,3573611/08/2014 01:16PM
Last Post by astra

Hey I'm new smiling smiley by CCMiller

Hello everyone, my name is Cindy and I just signed up to this forum. I got engaged only one mon...

729 view(s) | 3 post(s) | Last Post by karolina 08/08/2014 04:44AM
729308/08/2014 04:44AM
Last Post by karolina

Stylish but cheap wedding venues by lulu72

Hello, I'm looking for a wedding venue that doesn't cost the earth. Can be anywhere in the UK. any...

19,689 view(s) | 24 post(s) | Last Post by Aksel123 06/08/2014 03:07PM
19,6892406/08/2014 03:07PM
Last Post by Aksel123

ThePianoGuys by karolina

Hi, I am a new member here. I am so excited that April next year we will finally marry We get som...

460 view(s) | 1 post(s) | Last Post by karolina 05/08/2014 06:53PM
460105/08/2014 06:53PM
Last Post by karolina

wedding limo by gabbybeau1

Hi there i just wanted everyone to know i have found the best limo service my friend hired it for...

362 view(s) | 1 post(s) | Last Post by gabbybeau1 04/08/2014 05:53PM
362104/08/2014 05:53PM
Last Post by gabbybeau1

Band for wedding in Basingstoke, Hampshire by miss.emily.s

Can anyone please suggest any bands that they have seen/heard that for a wedding. We are looking fo...

342 view(s) | 1 post(s) | Last Post by miss.emily.s 28/07/2014 12:33PM
342128/07/2014 12:33PM
Last Post by miss.emily.s

Acne! by smilebecca

The title says is all! It's been this way for 7 months now. Every time I think that it's getting be...

1,091 view(s) | 5 post(s) | Last Post by williamsann 25/07/2014 06:33PM
1,091525/07/2014 06:33PM
Last Post by williamsann

Looking for Wedding Photographer in London by bettykors

Anyone knw the best photographer in the town of Greater London?im looking for next year my wedding ...

7,875 view(s) | 19 post(s) | Last Post by thurtell 25/07/2014 01:06PM
7,8751925/07/2014 01:06PM
Last Post by thurtell

Where can I find a jewellery designer / designer piece?? by Jackbride

Where can I find a jewellery designer / designer piece??...

1,054 view(s) | 3 post(s) | Last Post by stellamartin673 22/07/2014 08:57AM
1,054322/07/2014 08:57AM
Last Post by stellamartin673

Can anyone recommend bespoke wedding dress maker in Warwickshire by Mone

Hi, I want a short dress for my wedding but it's extremely hard to find anything I like. Thought of...

493 view(s) | 1 post(s) | Last Post by Mone 19/07/2014 01:49PM
493119/07/2014 01:49PM
Last Post by Mone

Majorca/Mallorca Wedding by YVO

Hi Has anyone gotten married in Majorca. My partner and I are hoping to get married there in S...   (Pages: 1 2 3)

46,103 view(s) | 72 post(s) | Last Post by TMD 17/07/2014 11:43AM
46,1037217/07/2014 11:43AM
Last Post by TMD

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