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Why use a professional wedding videographer?

Everyone will tell you – your wedding day will be a blur, and remembering it all clearly, even the day after, will be really hard. Will you remember the look on your fiancé’s face when he first saw you at the end of the aisle? Can you possibly remember all the lovely things your father and your new husband said about you in their speeches? Having your wedding filmed gives you a living, talking memory of that wonderful day.

So why use a professional?

A professional videographer can provide you with stunning, crisp, wobble-free images you that simply can’t be produced with a hand-held camera and a willing friend or family member. And above all, the finished product from a professional will be like watching a polished movie about your day, with a soundtrack of your favourite music, and starring all the people you love.

Most couples who didn’t have their wedding filmed wish they had done, and most couples who did, consider their wedding film to be the most valuable memory of their day. Ask a few married couples close to you and see what they say.



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