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Which style of Engagement Ring suits your personality?

It’s probably one of the most significant purchases your partner will ever make and one of the most life changing gifts you will ever receive, so I think it’s fair to say that choosing an engagement ring will be a daunting challenge for anybody.

A ladies engagement ring should be a true reflection of her personality. But the question is what type of ring is best for which type of personality?


A traditional girl is going to love a timeless, sophisticated and elegant engagement ring. The great thing about going for a more traditional design is that it will never go out of fashion. A solitaire (single stone) engagement ring with a round or ‘brilliant’ cut diamond is probably the most classic style out there. Its elegant simplicity will suit any hand and will look classy for years to come.

Wedding Rings Direct

Wedding Rings Direct



If you are particularly active and love the outdoors then it’s probably sensible to think about a more practical style that will withhold your day to day adventures. The tricky thing is finding a ring that is both practical and beautiful. That’s where bezel set engagement rings come in handy. A bezel setting is when a strip of metal is wrapped either part-way or all the way around a stone. With a traditional prong setting there is more chance of the stone catching and the diamond coming loose.

Wedding Rings Direct

Wedding Rings Direct

You also need to think about going for a strong and sturdy metal that is less likely to bend out of shape with wear. Platinum is the most durable of precious metals but obviously comes with a price tag to reflect this. Palladium is becoming a more and more popular metal choice for engagement rings as it is harder than white gold and lower maintenance as it doesn’t require plating.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a bohemian and have a creative or individual streak then her engagement ring should show off those characteristics. If creativity is your thing then a completely unique, handmade ring is going to be you. Alternatively, a vintage ring or family heirloom would be a great idea as it will be both unique and tell a story. This engagement ring is much less about the price tag and more about the individuality and meaningfulness.


An outgoing and eccentric personality is going to need a ring to match. This engagement ring needs to be all about the ‘wow’ factor. Fancy cut stones are a really good route to go down for a lady that’s going to want her ring to stand out. Emerald, pear and marquise cut diamonds are great show stoppers. Also, perhaps think about going for a coloured stone. Many women will actually prefer the rich tone of an emerald or a sapphire to the colourless sparkle of a diamond. A gemstone or a coloured diamond is certainly going to attract some well-deserved attention.


For all of those super girlie girls out there, the engagement ring needs to be all about the sparkle. A heart or flower shaped diamonds are probably the ultimate stone for the girlie girl. Something to bear in mind when choosing a heart shaped diamond is that it won’t be justified if it is anything less than 0.5ct (about 5mm in size), princess cut (square) stones are also a great choice for an ultra-feminine lady. For added bling, a princess cut diamond looks really pretty with diamond set shoulders.


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