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Where should they sit? 6 tips for your wedding seating plan.

Organising a seating plan can be incredibly stressful however, as your guests will be a mix of friends, family and acquaintances….here are six tips for your wedding seating plan to minimize the stress and ensure a successful wedding reception!

Top table - wedding seating plan

  1. Start planning early – don’t wait for all guests to RSVP. Have a good idea about your venues’ table options and go from there.
  2. Don’t panic! This is a celebration not a networking event. Your guests will mingle so don’t feel that you need to be strategic about where you place people.
  3. Seat people where you think they will be happiest and where they will enjoy their day the best.
  4. Do try and strike a good balance at tables – close friends, family and those who won’t know that many other guests. Think of age and personality types.
  5. Don’t put all the single people on one table!
  6. Put your close friends near the top table as they will most likely be the most engaged with the speeches.

Traditionally at a wedding, the bride and groom will sit at the centre of the top table. Then on either side will be the bride’s parents, followed by the groom’s parents. The best man and head bridesmaid will then ‘bookend’ the top table. Whilst this is the traditional idea for weddings, it might not fit your plans. It’s your wedding so make sure that it is is the way you want it to be!



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