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What to look for in a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner is an excellent way for couples to feel at ease during the planning process but you will need to find the perfect person to help you as you don’t want to feel stressed and frazzled during the months leading up to your special day, so follow these tips on what to look for in a wedding planner.

1.       The most important aspect to look for in a wedding planner is do you bond? This is essential as you want to enjoy the process of planning your wedding together so if personalities crash then it simply won’t work.

2.       Planners vary in which approach they take to planning so think about what you would like the planner to do, whether it’s an organised approach or to be creative with the ideas. Some planners are logical whilst others are more creative, so make sure you know what approach you would like.

3.       Always hire from a well known and established company as you want a professional wedding planner who will take on a business perspective rather than seeing the planning process as just a hobby.

4.       A great wedding planner must understand the couples vision for the wedding so it reflects your own personal style and they can choose things that represent you as a couple on a personal level.

5.       Finally, use your wedding planner, make them arrange appointments, recommend suppliers and talk to the venue and catering team as you are paying for the service so why not sit back and relax!

Hopefully these tips have helped you to choose the perfect wedding planner to arrange and plan to make your wedding day free from stress and worries.



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