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Wedding Trend Predictions for 2014

Yes I know we are still in 2013 but it’s good to know all the upcoming trends for next year especially if you’re a bride! The black tie theme could be returning in 2014 which is great if you’re planning a formal and luxury wedding. Black tie comes from the era of 1920’s and early 1930’s which means vintage styles, plenty of art deco, silverware, crystal and mirrors on the table. Organise for fabulous cocktails to be served to your guests and why not create your own to reflect the colour scheme.

photo booth

Every year couples come up with new and unique themes for their weddings and in 2014 they are bigger and better than the rest! The hottest colours will be rich, regal chocolate-box purples, warm coffee colours and bright citrus shades which would be great if you’re planning to get married in the autumn season. Also, the latest trend for weddings is quirky, so add subtle quirky touches into your day to create a relaxed and funny atmosphere for your guests. To achieve this why not set up a photo booth for guests and give them funny props to play with, this will help to break the ice between guests and you can always look back on the photos later on.

Natural weddings will be seen more next year, which is great for brides on a budget as you can save money from a venue and a fancy dress! A natural wedding is great if you want to create a rustic and friendly feel. Also, the organic way is great for the environment and can easily look stylish as well. If you’re having a small guest list then organic weddings are perfect as it opens up the doors to having a more rustic inspired wedding venue like a small country house, farmhouse, village hall, art gallery and museum.

So roll on 2014 and we can’t wait to see these latest trends splashed all over the magazines!


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