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Wedding shoes – 7 things to consider

Picking the right shoes for your wedding is very important, here are some key things to focus on when choosing your wedding shoes.

Village Brides

  1. Comfort. You will be wearing your shoes all day so they need to be comfortable! Purchasing shoes designed specifically for your wedding day ensures comfort as they will have extra padding.
  2. Budget. A great way to decide how much to spend on shoes is to work out 10-15% of the value of your dress – that is typically how much you should be spending on your shoes.
  3. Fabric. Traditionally brides choose silk or satin but as it is your wedding, consider your own personal taste. You don’t have to be traditional!
  4. Fitting. When you go to have your dress fitted, it is a good idea to bring your shoes. This will ensure that the hem of the dress is at the right length.
  5. Colour. It is advised that they match your dress but more importantly they should be in your style. Again, you don’t need to be traditional!
  6. Height. What would you wear normally for a formal event?  If you don’t usually wear high heels, it might be a bit tricky to master them for your wedding day! For a bit of height you could wear lower kitten heels or platform heels.
  7. Be yourself. There are no laws as to what shoes you have to wear on your wedding day. You can always consider a more casual shoe if that matches your personal style, after all your feet will be thanking you after a night of dancing! Read more here.

For more information on wedding shoe styles, read our wedding ideas here.




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