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Wedding gifts – what to ask for

Putting together your wedding gift list can be a challenge. Many couples worry that they are being greedy and feel awkward at the prospect of asking people for things they either want or need. Your guests however, will most likely be grateful for being given direction into what to buy you, and what you already have. Now that the internet plays such a crucial role in modern life, creating gift lists and sharing them with your guests is simple. Similarly, buying gifts or getting inspiration for wedding gifts is also far easier.

Canderella Wedding Gift Depending on the kind of couple you are, you might want ask for practical gifts such as household appliances or perhaps a contribution to a honeymoon. There is no right or wrong thing to ask for. Honeymoon

Some couples ask for charity donations. Perhaps they feel that they have all they need or they just want to take an opportunity to get a mass donation to a charity of their choice. With Action Aid, for example you can easily set up personalised wedding pages on Action Aid. Alternatively if there are multiple charities you are wanting your guests to donate to there is also The Alternative Wedding List. Guests may also opt to get creative and make you a homemade present, usually very special as they are personalised for the couple in mind.

DIY Wedding Gifts

You could always suggest all of the above and so have a mixture of different types of gifts. This might be a good solution if the budgets of your guests varies quite significantly. For more information on charity and alternative wedding gifts:


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