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Wedding Fireworks – a good idea?

Last night’s New Years Eve firework display in Sydney Harbour included more than £5,000,000 of fireworks ($6.8 million) in a display watched via TV from around the world.

Assuming you don’t have unlimited funds and access to several barges, bridges and tall buildings to fire fireworks from, a wedding display is going to be far more modest, but how modest can you go without losing the wow factor?

  1. Check that your venue doesn’t have restrictions on fireworks. Any venue in a built up area is unlikely to allow fireworks after 10pm.
  2. Considering using “silent fireworks” in a venue with sound restrictions? For most people the sound effects are as important as the light show.
  3. Get creative. Experienced firework companies can set a simple, inexpensive display to music to add an extra dimension, and “pad out” the display.
  4. If you are aiming for a DIY display go for a self contained firework “cake”. They cost around £200 and have just one fuse triggering a short but effective display.

Don’t forget, if you are planning a DIY display you will need to clear it with your venue first and someone needs to stay sober to fire it.



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