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#wedding. Don’t forget to hashtag!

As we have mentioned before, Social Media has really changed the face of weddings. Today’s generation announce their engagements on Facebook, get inspired by Pinterest and get involved with discussions on Twitter. In fact, Wednesdays are no longer just that; they are #WeddingWednesdays!



Today one of the latest trends is to create a custom hash-tag so that people can follow your wedding via social media. Helpful for guests that can’t make it to your wedding and easily groups your photos/posts together to create a digital photo album.

If you are allowing your guests to take photos of your wedding and post on social media, remind them to hash-tag! Make sure that your hash-tag is original though as you may end up hi-jacking someone else’s wedding photos!


For more information on how we think the technology and social media has changed weddings:

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