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Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Music

How you plan to keep your wedding guests entertained is one of the big questions you face when you plan your wedding. While your main focus is on the event of getting married itself, your guests are probably more likely to remember the day based on how much fun they had in the evening rather than anything about the ceremony. That may sound a little harsh, yet it’s true for most of us.

wedding band in field how to choose your wedding music

While you have a huge range of options available when it comes to wedding entertainment – we’ve been to weddings this year that have featured dancers, comedians, and even magicians – music remains the most popular option.

Here are some quick tips to help you choose the wedding music you want.

1. Live Music Vs. DJ

If you opt for musical entertainment at your wedding this is the big question you need to answer. Many venues will have a house DJ, some will even have a house band, so if you want music but aren’t too bothered about what gets played these can be a quick and easy solution, though the best venues will consult with you to ensure they can provide something you and your guests will love.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a very specific set list or collection of songs to be played, it may be worth going out and looking for your own band or DJ. Be sure to check with the venue what they are able to provide in terms of lighting and other effects; we’ve even known bands and DJs – not ours we hasten to add – turn up at venues without sound equipment because they thought the venue would have them! Make the choice between live music and DJ, and if you’re booking your own be clear on what the venue can provide you.

Whatever option you choose, these next tips will help you find the ideal band or DJ for you.

wedding dj how to choose your wedding music

2. Think of your wedding theme

More couples than ever before are adopting specific themes for their wedding. Keep yours in mind when you’re looking for a live musician or a DJ. This isn’t a huge “must do,” but it makes the day feel a little more together if you have, say, a vintage theme and then a 50’s or 60’s tribute band playing in the evening. If you’ve asked your guests to dress for a specific theme they might not be expecting a rave, unless your theme is neon!

3. Speak to them and ask what they do

As an extension of the above point you need to speak with bands and DJs and find out what they do. You might find a great band that can fit a particular theme, but can they play the songs you like that fit the theme? Ask the same question of DJs – can you provide your own music as a complement to their own? The last thing you want is to be aiming for a relaxed party and the DJ pulls out The Timewarp and YMCA.

saxophone wedding band music

4. Try to see them first

Thanks to YouTube we can research live musicians and do our homework like never before. Yet, there’s nothing like first hand experience to help you inform your decision. Depending on where the band is based you might not be able to go and see them perform before booking them, but if you can this is always an added bonus. If you’re not able to see them perform yourself, or you don’t have a friend who is able to do it on your behalf, then you can rely on YouTube in conjunction with online reviews and recommendations.

5. Ask people

If searching yourself doesn’t find a musician or DJ that appeals, ask people you know. Not to perform themselves – unless they are a musician or DJ, in which case you could well get yourself some cut price wedding music – but for any recommendations they can provide. Thanks to social media we’re more connected than ever before; finding a live musician or a DJ for your wedding should be easier than ever!

This post was provided by Freak Music. Freak Music is one of the UK’s leading providers of wedding music and live entertainment. Couples and event planners can use Freak Music to identify acts, build shortlists, and enquire and book their wedding entertainment online.


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