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The Rise of the Social Media Wedding

With the new power of social media, weddings are becoming shaped by Facebook statuses, Instagram snaps and Twitter updates. From the proposal to the wedding day – brides are using digital media to help them with their announcements and planning. Changing the face of the traditional wedding, we’ve pieced together just some of the ways in which social media is making it’s impact.

pinterest engaged social media
Photo credit: Pinterest

1. The Announcement – Gone are the days of announcing your engagement in the local newspaper! Now brides are posting a picture alongside an “I said yes” caption to make their grand announcement. Remember that once this goes live, your engagement will be viral. Make sure you ring your parents first if you don’t want them to hear the news from someone else! If you want your social media announcement to be original, then get creative with your photo shoot.

bride to be starbucks pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

2. Relationship Status – The obvious second step for many brides-to-be is making the proud Facebook transition from “in a relationship” to “engaged.”  Soon to be “married.” A survey found that 73% of brides-to-be changed their relationship status to engaged within the first week of their engagement.

3. Pinterest Inspiration – Pinterest has become an increasingly popular option for brides-to-be who are looking for wedding inspiration. Whether it be themes, colour schemes, dresses or venues – Pinterest inspires brides with an array of diverse ideas.

Guides for Brides Pinterest

4. Digital Wedding Planning – Wedding planning has never been more simple with online wedding planners and free planning Apps which allow brides to keep track of their task list, guest list and budget. There are also “wedding countdown” Apps which are being used by excited guests!

5. The Wedding # – The increasingly popular hashtag has become the new way to communicate with friends and family.  Couples are now securing their wedding hashtag for their big day, so that they wont’ miss any of the action. A survey found that 55% of couples used a wedding hashtag in 2014.

instagram hashtag pinterest

Photo credit: W & E Photographie 

6. The Wedding Playlist – Gone are the days of listening to a chain of CDs to find that perfect first dance song. Couples are now using sites like Spotify to piece together a memorable wedding playlist.

7. The Bride and Groom Selfie – There is sometimes no better shot than a silly selfie with your new hubby. Photographers are important to get all those classic shots, but in this new digital age – it’s equally vital that Instagram gets a bride and groom selfie.

wedding day selfie PINTEREST

8. Unplugged Weddings – For those who don’t want phones dominating their wedding day, why not defeat the rise of social media, and ban it! Unplugged weddings have become an increasingly popular choice for couples who don’t want to see their guests on their phones all day.

unplugged wedding


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