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The perfect weight v The perfect dress fit

Bootcamp brides

  Guest Post

   by Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique

Most brides want to be as gorgeous and slim as possible for their dream day, and most girls worry about their weight and want to lose some. It is however really important to start thinking about getting healthy and in shape way before the big day itself and way before your final dress measurements are taken.

Having fitted thousands of wedding dresses I have become increasingly worried with girls doing a last minute starvation diet to achieve their target weight.  Their dress will have been ordered to their original measurements and so this means their dress may end up being one or two sizes too big.

I have had one extreme case of a bride being a size 18 when we measured her and her final re sized dress was a size 12! She lost over 2 stone in the final weeks running up to her wedding. She was starving herself, she looked awful, her hair was thin, and her complexion grey, she was lifeless and weepy and she compromised the look of her dress leaving it all to the very last minute.

I married a few years ago so I can relate to the desire of wanting to look ones absolute best. I started planning my health regime a year before the big day. Exercise, healthy eating but back then there were nowhere near as many great businesses set up to help brides get in shape.

The idea of a bridal bootcamp is brilliant and if it’s tied into a healthy eating plan it can have amazing results. It is crucial though to achieve your desired weight loss before your final measurements have been taken and without question before the first dress fitting starts. It’s key to then maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle and weight in the 8 weeks before the wedding. This will ensure your dress is perfectly fitted and you are feeling fit and healthy.

Bootcamps are really good fun and quite intense and create a really fun atmosphere with lots of brides running their socks off in search of body perfect. We are always happy to work with the trainers and often talk to them about the dress style and key areas of the brides’ body that will be exposed. This helps them focus spot reduction and ensure the bride achieves what she needs to.

We also always like to add some time scales into the plan to ensure that all weight loss is achieved well in advance of the first fittings.

Creating the perfect body for the perfectly fitted dress.

Creating the perfect body for the perfectly fitted dress.

Shooka Bootcamps are currently offering a special rate to anyone mentioning Guides for Brides on booking.


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