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Technology and weddings

With the rise in use of social media and the mere fact that nearly everyone who know now owns a smartphone…it is not surprising that weddings have been changed by digitization. Cameras have been replaced by iPhones, everyone knows what you’re up to, a phone call is a novelty and the internet plays a huge role in your life. So how has all of this changed the face of weddings?

1. Planning

Planning has been simplified. You are now able to plan your wedding online as well as on a downloadable app. You have access to 110,000 businesses on the Guides For Brides website and with GPS locator can easily see which suppliers are closest to you. You can easily keep track of your budget, to-do-list and have a common sense approach to organising your wedding. And with the app available for mobile and tablet, you can take your wedding plans anywhere! By having all the information so easily accessible and with the ability to order online, purchasing for your wedding has been made a lot easier.

Guide For Brides App

2. Inspiration

Pinterest is playing a huge part in the planning stage of a wedding – essentially acting a large scale moodboard for every tiny detail; perfect for even the most niche of wedding theme. You can gain inspiration for your wedding from our Pinterest boards here:

Guides For Brides Pinterest

3. Music – 8 track

Need music for your wedding? The internet has made this simple, easily search for playlist inspiration ideas which you can pass on to your DJ. Use our search tool on our website to easily find a DJ near you.

We recently made a playlist of the top ten First Dance songs here

You can also read more about music for your wedding here:

Music for church weddings:

A-Z of first dance music:

Euphoria Entertainments

6. Photos

Let’s face it, nowadays people are more likely to opt to take a photo with their phone than a camera. Quality of the cameras on mobile phone’s are improving and with the ability to easily share to social media, email and edit photo, guests are likely to take photos of your wedding for their own memories. You will probably want a professional though to get some high quality photos!

David Bostock Photography

7. Social Media

Social Media has dramatically changed the face of weddings. With engagement announcements on Facebook (even invites!!) and the excitement of changing your relationship status, to getting inspiration from Pinterest and so on; weddings have officially changed. In fact some have even used hash tags in a very innovative way, creating a custom tag so that all photo from your wedding can be grouped together and easily found. For example: #AliceandStephenWedding2015

Will so many people now permanently glued to their phones, will you be imposing a phone ban at your wedding that covers social media?


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