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Inviting children to weddings


Pageboy Cute … but do you want him at your wedding?

Whether or not you should invite children to your wedding will almost certainly be the cause for great debate, and unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer.

Some friends will be delighted to have the excuse to leave their little darlings behind and enjoy a day without them, meanwhile relatives may feel that their children are such an important part of the family that they should be included in all family events, including your wedding.

There is no doubt that children can take the focus away from the bride – so many of us missed “The Kiss” at William and Kate’s royal wedding as we were so transfixed by the grumpy looking bridesmaid on the balcony with them.

Although many venues will offer a children’s menu and even a separate area for a creche there is still a considerable cost implication in catering for and entertaining your little guests.

On the other hand it is not easy to arrange child care for an entire day and evening and some guests will find it difficult to attend without their children.

If you have children from a previous marriage who will (obviously) be attending or if you have young bridesmaids or pageboys you may decide to invite additional children to keep them company. This in itself creates even more of a dilemma and the rule is often “invite one, invite all”.    Read more…


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