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Ready to take on the Body by Vi Challenge?

Brand new from the USA, the Vi Challenge is the latest weight loss programme to try. I did and lost 9lb in 4 weeks!

What I really liked about taking part in the Vi Challenge was that the shakes tasted great and were filling, but you could also add fruit to them to make them more interesting. You were also allowed one calorie controlled meal a day as well, so this always gave me something to look forward to at the end of the day.


Body by Vi Challenge

Body by Vi Challenge

So what makes it different?

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Pre-wedding diet and fitness tips

Diet tips

  1. To fuel your muscles while preventing an increase in body fat divide your food into 5 smaller meals a day, they are easier to digest and provide greater increases in fat-free muscle mass.
  2. Avoid quick-fix foods as fast foods, processed meats and fizzy drinks are chock-a-block with sugar, sat fat and salt… again all energy sappers and they wont satisfy your appetite!
  3. Drink a glass of water before every meal – it will fill you up, or chew chewing gum until a sweet craving passes, it will only last 10 minutes so hang on in there!
  4. Avoid supermarkets when your hungry, its dangerous territory and you are more likely to buy processed junk food.
  5. Avoid sauces and dressings on food, if necessary a small blob of mustard is ok, or olive oil.
Claire Fuller Personal Training

Claire Fuller Personal Training

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Shooka Boot Camp – Day 6

Day six is D-Day, and we present ourselves at 7.30am sharp for the fitness test with some degree of trepidation. We already know from Stuart’s extensive experience of other boot camps that we are likely to significantly beat our gym results from the first day, and we don’t disappoint him. We lower our expectations for the run – after such an intense week it is normal for run speeds to decrease – but he hadn’t factored on the fact he has a bunch of competitive high achievers in the camp this week and we all come in with smiles on our faces.

Weigh-in time comes next, which is the high or the low for many in the group. Fraser confesses that he escaped for a meal in a local Italian restaurant part way through the week, yet has still managed to shed 12lbs. Without exception everyone in the group has lost between 6lbs and 12lbs and several inches, generally from the waist. This is perhaps the point to admit that I had not intended to lose weight, just to increase fitness, and was being fed man-sized portions and additional early-morning and late-night rations as well as all the lovely healthy meals. At no point was I really hungry. We pass around some bags of oats and realise what a huge amount 12lbs is, and what a huge accomplishment for the group as a whole.


Beautifully put!

As snow starts to fall and we contemplate being snowed in for the weekend we decide we have done all we set out to do, and that the camp should finish a day early. Bags are packed, tearful farewells said and promises to keep in touch are made. Those who have been on a Boot Camp generally keep in touch with the rest of the group after going through so much together during the week.

Six days ago I arrived at Shooka ready to tolerate it for a few days for review purposes and then make my escape. Today I am leaving lighter, fitter, healthier, with new healthy habits, new friends, a renewed confidence and without the need of alcohol or caffeine – although I can’t promise that one will be forever.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Our thanks to Shooka Bootcamps for hosting us for the week.

shooka logo

Shooka Boot Camp – Day 2

Sunday morning papers and a roast dinner to look forward to?

Shooka Schedule

Today’s fun-packed schedule

I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t started day 2 at Shooka Boot Camp with pain in almost every muscle in my body. I would also be lying if I said that I was pleased to start the day with hill sprints in the semi darkness as a punishment for someone leaving mugs out last night. The day could only improve, and it did, with with a fast and furious boxing workout; something I had never tried before. Needing incentive to punch harder I pictured the film crew behind the targets I was hitting; my left hand punching the cameraman, and the right, the videographer. I never feel too photogenic at 7.30am, before my first cup of coffee.

Boxing class

Early morning Boxing Barmy session

Breakfast was porridge with pomegranate and pomegranate molasses – highly recommended – with unlimited coffee – which I seriously considered pouring into my hot water bottle to keep warm for later. A quick walk took us to the neighbouring Activity Centre, a Mecca for anyone who enjoys being outdoors; high ropes, zip wires, quad bikes, mountain bikes, assault course, driving range, and our morning’s activity; clay pigeon shooting. Most of us hadn’t shot before and really enjoyed the new experience.  We quickly established that wielding a gun up is easier when you haven’t just thrashed your arms in a boxing class, that vegetarians can’t shoot straight and that men get very very competitive when it comes to guns.

Shooka Shoot

Taking on the clay pigeons

A quick walk back for lunch of fish chowder and then off to the beach in nearby Dawlish. The locals seemed surprisingly unperturbed by the presence of 20 people on the beach in Shooka hoodies doing press-ups, sit ups, crocodile walks, seal walks, monkey walks – indeed anything Will could think of that would get us covered in wet sand. Only Delphine remained clean and dry, was it her French upbringing or Cosmo magazine’s standards of appearance that led her two double the intensity of the workout just to keep her clothes clean?

Dawlish Beach with Shooka

Exercise on a wet beach. Lovely.

A quick game of bucket ball followed – it is surprising how hard you work out while playing sport on the beach – then back for yet more hill sprints.

A form of netball - Bucket Ball - on the beach

With arms and legs now barely functioning we headed to the gym for a punishing Abs session. No chance of being able to sneeze, cough or even laugh for the foreseeable future. Krav Maga self defence followed; any class with a warning of “try this at home and you will end up in jail” is worth a go. Just time before dinner for a half hearted ice plunge – on my own and only in waist deep tonight, with everyone else sticking to the more sensible option of a jacuzzi.

Steak for supper, a pleasant surprise for all, but still no sign of sticky toffee pudding. Will rounded the evening off with a great talk on looking after personal safety drawing on years of army training. Wondering if the people of Dawlish will be more inclined to react tomorrow if they see us taping each others hands together and locking each other in car boots?

Shooka Boot Camp – Day 1

Friday 11th January; Shooka Boot Camp, near Exeter, opens its doors for the first time, with a motley selection of movers and shakers in the health and beauty industry, fitness fanatics, a model, an actress, celebrities …. and three journalists. Welcomed by co-owners John and Stuart, who have visions of affordable boot camps in the UK and a uber-luxury option in Klosters, we settle in for the evening. The Wedding Ideas Awards ceremony was on live stream and I enviously peered at the screen for clues of the sumptuous meal the Guides for Brides team had enjoyed while I had tucked into a tiny, but delicious, piece of nut crusted cod.

Today’s schedule

7am on a Saturday is not a time I often witness. Today it is followed by a 7.30am fitness test and my first experience of going for a run since my son banned me from running in public several years ago. The juice-only breakfast followed by a second far more punishing workout proved too much for my level of (un)fitness and I was removed from the gym while it spun around me. “Do I need a doctor?” No, but a stretcher would be handy. Banished for a rest I contemplated my frustration at failing on the first morning. Just not an option. A strong mug of coffee was smuggled to the room by Bear – an RAF parachute instructor who’s mission is to cajole and cuddle us through the week, and I was instantly revived. Sometimes these things are best taken slowly.

After a lunch of spicy roast sweet potatoes, rocket and cream cheese we are off for a walk.


Looking like community service workers in our florescent jackets on our 9 mile walk.

9 miles of lanes and tracks in this beautiful, but incredibly hilly, part of Exeter,  arriving back in the dark.

The view from the top is worth it.
Instructors Will, Stuart and Bear with Calum Best

Throughout the day our instructor, Stuart Saxby – personal trainer to the stars – had been very honest with all he had planned for us, so when he told us that we would all be suffering the next day, but 40% less if we had a ice plunge, we didn’t hesitate in grabbing swimwear and heading to the unheated outdoor pool. Immersing yourself in icy water for 2 minutes before leaping into a jacuzzi would be easier without a film crew trying to capture the experience – complete with a sound track of screaming.


Britain’s “Biggest Loser” Will Graham trying out the dreaded Ice Plunge

Supper followed – a delicious concoction of chicken, beansprouts, mange tout and peppers in an Asian style dressing, then at last a couple of hours to relax, chat and contemplate the day.

10 ways to feel A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. on your wedding day!

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Get fit for your wedding

wedding fitness

Get in shape for your wedding

If you don’t want to rely on “magic knickers” to give you the perfect figure for the big day, why not embark on a fitness regime well in advance?  If you struggle with the self-discipline needed to turn up three times a week, or are intimidated by the more experienced clientele, investigate a personal trainer. No longer the preserve of the rich and famous, personal trainers are more affordable than you may think and most gyms or health clubs will be able to put you in touch with one.





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