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Wedding gifts – what to ask for

Putting together your wedding gift list can be a challenge. Many couples worry that they are being greedy and feel awkward at the prospect of asking people for things they either want or need. Your guests however, will most likely be grateful for being given direction into what to buy you, and what you already have. Now that the internet plays such a crucial role in modern life, creating gift lists and sharing them with your guests is simple. Similarly, buying gifts or getting inspiration for wedding gifts is also far easier.

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DIY Wedding

For some brides, the idea of designing their own wedding is an exciting way to take complete control and be creative. For others, hiring someone to take care of the wedding planning is a much better option. We wonder, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing it all yourself?

If you are working on a tight budget, you might find that planning your wedding yourself could work out cheaper . Working on a budget might also just spark your creativity; you will find a way to achieve the look and feel you want without spending more than you would like to.

World Inspired

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My November Wedding Top 10.

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