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Something Old, Something New…

We’ve all heard of the ‘old, new, borrowed, blue’ traditions – but what do they mean? And how can we transform them from 18th century to 21st?

Something Old

A symbol of continuity, something old traditionally has a link to the Bride’s family. 

Modern twist: Incorporate a relative’s broach into your wedding bouquet or hair up-do.



Something New

Representing optimism and good luck for the Bride’s new married life.

Modern twist: Engraved champagne flutes for you and your hubby-to-be. Christened on your wedding day and used for numerous toasts throughout your married life. 


Something Borrowed

Traditionally an item coming from a happily married friend or relative, symbolising some ‘borrowed happiness’ to be carried into the Bride’s own marriage.

Modern twist: If you know an inspirational couple, why not ‘borrow’ the song that they used for their first dance.


Something Blue

Representing purity, love and fidelity.

Modern twist: Hire some wedding transport in the form of a blue MINI for example.


Did you know? Although today, the ‘something’ tradition remains as a stand alone four, it originally contained another addition – ‘and a sixpence in your shoe.’ The sixpence represents good fortune.

For more inspiration on how to modernise this old tradition check out the board we put together on Pinterest


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