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Shhh! Should your proposal be a surprise?

So you’re blissfully happy with your partner, you’ve been together long enough, and everyone around you seems to be tying the knot – you’re getting ready for a proposal. But how important is it that it’s a complete secret? 75% of men state that ideally, they want their proposal to be a surprise, but are we making it too difficult? How are men supposed to know that you’re ready to get engaged, come up with the most romantic proposal idea ever, and meticulously plan it – all without you getting suspicious?


62% of women admit to being suspicious or even certain that their partner was going to propose, but how did they know? Well, one big clue is finding the ring before the proposal! 1 in 4 women aged 16-24 actually found their engagement ring before they had been proposed to, meaning that they were prettttty sure it was going to happen imminently. Our advice? If you want your proposal to be a surprise – don’t go snooping through your partner’s stuff!


Another big warning sign for women is noticing a change in their partner’s behaviour. Almost half of women say that they noticed their partner being jittery before the proposal! We think it’s adorable that men get so nervous, but if your partner’s day-to-day behaviour changes – a proposal might be imminent.

engagament proposal

But perhaps it isn’t so important that you’re completely unaware of his proposal plans? 60% of couples discuss an impending proposal, so both parties are on the same page. It might not be a surprise girls, but at least you can choose the perfect ring!

engaged engagement ring

Does that mean that the traditional proposal is on the way out? We’re romantics at heart here at Guides for Brides, so we hope that the element of surprise will be sticking around on the proposal scene for a while yet.

Statistics obtained by a survey conducted by 77 Diamonds of 1000 men and women.

Photo credits: Pinterest


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