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Research reveals the unluckiest engagement ring.

For our “Friday 13th” feature, a jewellery comparison website, Concept Images, have revealed what could be the ‘unluckiest engagement ring’ in the UK; based on the style of engagement ring worn most commonly by brides whose marriages have subsequently ended in separation or divorce.

Is this the unluckiest engagement ring?

Is this the unluckiest engagement ring?


The study was conducted as part of research into the jewellery preferences of women across the UK. 1,812 women aged 18 and over took part, all of whom had been married and were currently either separated indefinitely or divorced from their partner.

According to the study, 98% of the women taking part were given an engagement ring to signify their engagement to their partner. They were asked to describe the engagement ring they wore for the marriage or civil partnership that subsequently ended in indefinite separation. Details asked of the ring included metal type, stone, style and any notable additional features.

According to the results, the unluckiest engagement ring in the UK is:

White gold with a large square-cut diamond, with diamonds on shoulder costing an average of £822.30.


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