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What colour suit should your groom be wearing?

It’s easy to get caught up on your wedding dress or your bridesmaids dresses, but what about the groom? What your groom and groomsmen are wearing is becoming more and more important as men continue to break the mould with their suit choices, but how do you know which colour is best for your husband-to-be? From traditional black to up-and-coming burgundy, read our advice here:

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1. Black

Let’s start with the traditional… As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If you don’t want to think too much about your menswear options and your groom isn’t into standing out, these are the perfect options for him. Black is sleek and formal, and you can’t go wrong; you can pair it with almost any colour, and it always looks great. Black is definitely the safest option for those grooms that want a traditional, flawless look. 


2. Grey

We have seen grey become enormously popular over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. Grey suits became so popular partly because of its perfect marriage with pink, meaning that it’s a great way to match your groom with bridesmaids and flowers. If you’re worried that grey suits are passé, but you still love them, why not mix it up with different fabrics? You could use a thicker, more tweed like fabric to give it a more on-trend look.


3. Blue

No one can deny that the colour of the moment in the wedding suit world is blue. With suits traditionally being more navy, this year we have seen a rise in brighter blue tones. If your groom wants a fashion-forward look, but doesn’t want to overshadow you by going for something too jazzy, blue is the perfect option. It also looks great with brown, so tell him to grab some tan brogues and a belt and he’s done!


4. Tweed

If you’re planning a country wedding (or you just love this style) tweed is a really fun option for your groom and wedding party. It exudes that old english style glamour, and will make your groom seem like even more of a gentleman.  We’ve seen a rise in tweed’s popularity over the last few years, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. This fabric is perfect if you’re having a country wedding and want your theme to match your venue, or if you’re getting married around Christmas time and your groom could do with the extra layers!


5. Burgundy

Burgundy suits are an emerging trend for this autumn. Men are looking to break the mould with their suit choices and are looking to stray from the classic blacks and greys. This could be a great way for your groom and groomsmen to stand out as trend-setters at your wedding. The dark shade means that it’s easy to pair with shirts, ties and accessories and could be a great way to introduce a pop of colour into your wedding party.


6. Racing Green

In the same way, we’re also seeing an increase in racing green suits. Coloured suits are becoming very popular and green is a great option, as it suits most skin tones and isn’t too in your face. This is a great option for those having a quintessentially British wedding, or grooms that are looking to stand out!


For more inspiration and photo credits, take a look at our Pinterest.


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