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May the force be with you

In celebration of National Star Wars Day (otherwise known as May 4th), we’ve put together some inspiration for brides who are dreaming of a stylish and chic Star Wars wedding day. When it comes to the more “wacky” wedding themes, it can be difficult to create the right balance between fun and elegance so that you’re wedding doesn’t end up looking like a 12 year old’s birthday party. So, from lightsaber bouquets to Princess Leia inspired hairstyles, unleash your inner Jedi with these fun ideas.

star wars wedding

1). Invitations

For any kind of themed wedding, invitations are a great way to show your guests what to expect on the big day. Set your intergalactic theme with a cute starry background and some Star Wars hints. How about adding some quotes from the movies?

star wars wedding invites

2). Shoes

Imagine walking down the aisle in your own pair of personalised Star Wars shoes. We absolutely love these R2D2 inspired heels – perfect for your ‘something blue’!

star wars wedding shoes

3). Hair

No Star Wars bride is complete without a gorgeous Princess Leia inspired hairstyle. Modernise her iconic look with sleek twists of hair, creating a stylish halo around your hair. For extra Star Wars style: add some sparkly starry accessories!

princess leia wedding hair

4). Table Numbers

Table names and numbers are an amazing way to add to the theme of your wedding day. We love these vintage style cards, and think they would make the perfect addition to a Star Wars wedding.

star wars wedding table

5). Cakes

If you are stuck for ideas for how to incorporate Star Wars into your wedding cake, then use some mini action figures from any toy shop to make adorable themed cake toppers. Or, shop around on Etsy and you’re guaranteed to find something you love! 

star wars wedding cakes

6). Galaxy Prints

For a more understated take on a Star Wars wedding theme, we love these galaxy details. From a simple galaxy print bow tie, to an entire space-themed cake, make sure your big day has plenty of this gorgeous galaxy print.

galaxy print wedding

7). R2D2 Cake Toppers

To top off your cake, why not add some cute Star Wars inspired cake toppers? We think these mini R2D2s are a brilliant choice for a bride and groom who want to add some Star Wars fun to their cake.

r2d2 cake toppers

8). Groom’s accessories

From an adorable lego Yoda pin, to these Stormtrooper cufflinks, there are so many great ways that your groom can rock some Star Wars themed accessories. Why not buy these matching cufflinks for all the groomsmen?

star wars groom

9) Lightsabers

Lightsabers are a great way to instantly add a touch of Star Wars fun to your big day. Why not replace your traditional wedding flowers with a unique lightsaber bouquet?

lightsaber wedding

10). Matching Bride & Groom Forks

Add some Star Wars fun to your wedding breakfast with these matching cutlery set. It’s all in the details!

star wars forks

11) Drinks

Add a splash of fun to your wedding day with these Star Wars themed refreshments! From ‘Yoda soda’ to ‘Vader-ade’, get creative with the names you give your drinks!

star wars drinks

12). Yoda Details

No Star Wars wedding is complete without its fair share of Yoda wisdom. This unique sign is a great way to incorporate Yoda into your day, and we also think origami Yoda centrepieces would make a lovely touch to the tables at your wedding breakfast.

yoda wedding details

If you still want more inspiration for a Star Wars themed wedding, check out this Pinterest board!

Photo Credit: Pinterest.


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