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Make-up for weddings. 7 top tips.

It’s your wedding day, you want to look and feel fantastic. Here are 7 top tips from Keara Kelly to ensure you do!

Beauty therapist for weddings

Keara Kelly’s tips for wedding makeup

  1. Count up your SPFs. SPF is designed to reflect the sun’s rays. It will also reflect your photographer’s flash. So, if you don’t want to have a white face in your wedding photos, limit your SPF to the factor 15 that is included in most foundations, avoid adding sunscreen or an SPF moisturiser underneath.
  2. Have a make up trial so that you know the look you want to achieve on the day.
  3. Allow time on the day. It takes 30-40 minutes for a makeup artist to complete your makeup without interruptions. Allow an extra 20 minutes for pauses for photographs and other interruptions.
  4. Allow 20 minutes per bridesmaid, or a little longer of they are going to all ask for slightly different looks.
  5. Most makeup artists stay until you leave for the ceremony. If you would like them to stay to touch up your makeup after the ceremony arrange this in advance. It is well worth the small extra charge especially if you know you might get tearful.
  6. A good makeup artist will leave you with some translucent powder for touch-ups for you and your bridesmaids. Ask your photographer to tell you when to touch-up as he is the best placed to see shine coming through.
  7. Eyelashes. It is fine to use false eyelashes, but use individual lashes, not a strip, so that if any dislodge it won’t be a disaster.

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