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Lovely long lashes on your wedding day

There will be so much to do and think about on your wedding day, so wouldn’t it be great to know that you won’t have problems with your mascara running?
Eye lash extensions will darken and thicken the appearance of your natural lashes, as well as lengthening….therefore removing the need to wear make up on your upper eyelashes!

Hello Lashes

Hello Lashes

Each eyelash extension is applied using medical grade glue, to a healthy, mid cycle natural lash. Extensions are not added to lashes which are young, or mature and about to fall out. Your natural lashes are brushed, then the required lash is isolated, using tweezers, ready for the false lash to be applied.
You are still able to apply eyeliner, eyeshadow and if required, mascara to your lower lashes. Remember though, you might want to use waterproof option!



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