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Is your wedding bankrupting your bridesmaids?

Weddings are expensive. For you, for your parents, for your guests, and also for your bridesmaids. But is your bridal party struggling to keep up with the costs?


When you’re getting married it’s hard not to get caught up in your bridal bubble, and the budget often goes out of the window. You may have come to terms with the cost and are going all out to get your perfect day, and that’s a great situation to be in. However, it’s often difficult to remember that it’s actually only you that’s getting married, and all of your besties might not be quite so excited about the cost of your wedding. 


The bridesmaids especially can incur huge costs for your wedding, and most of that comes from the hen party. You might be super excited for your all out weekend in Ibiza, but your Maid of Honour’s bank account may not be quite bikini ready… Now a girls weekend away is always a great idea, but imagine if you’ve been invited to four next summer? That means serious saving for your girls. According to a Guides for Brides Twitter Poll, an overwhelming majority would prefer to stay in the UK for their friend’s hen party, because the cost is just too much. So if you’re planning on an overseas hen party, be understanding if some of your friends can’t make it, or to search for hen party suppliers in your area, click here.


Then we’ve also got the tricky subject of whether your bridesmaids pay for their own dresses. Although this is becoming a more acceptable ask, this definitely causes some bitterness between friends. According to our research the majority do believe that the bride should pay for their maids’ dresses, though those that thought it was totally okay to ask bridesmaids to pay weren’t far behind. Perhaps if they’re each choosing their own dresses (and therefore would definitely wear them again) it’s more acceptable to ask them to fit the bill, but if you’re asking your girls to cough up for a dress that they have no say over and wouldn’t wear again, it’s got to be on the bride. The most important thing is to listen to your girls and be honest with them – you’ll be able to tell if they’re concerned about where the money is coming from.


All weddings incur costs for the guests, travel can be a huge expense, and if they need accommodation, things can get really pricey. But before you get caught inside the wedding bubble, spare a thought for your girls – they might not be fortunate enough to throw the budget out of the window. 

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