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How to include your pet at your wedding!

Everybody loves their pets and more and more brides are choosing to show off their furry friends at their wedding day. Whilst some brides think this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, we think this is a great way to make your big day even more special. So, if you want to include your pets in your wedding, or just want to look at some adorable animals, check out these fun ideas!

pets at weddings

1). Ring Bearer

Why not let your dog carry your rings down the aisle? Before your assign your dog this role, make sure you trust your pet with this important task. Nobody wants to spend their wedding day chasing after a runaway dog carrying £1000 wedding rings!

dog ring bearers

2). Strike a Pose

If you don’t want your pets to be involved in the actual ceremony, you can bring them along for a couple of photos. This is a brilliant way to show how much you love your pets, and you’ll be able to keep these beautiful photos forever.

pet wedding photos

3). Pets of Honour

Why not give your pets this important role in your wedding? You can buy these personalised ‘pet of honour’ accessories for your pets from online stores like Etsy, or if you’re a creative bride you could even try making one yourself?

pets of honour

4). Save the Date

Get your pets involved with your wedding invitations and ‘save the dates’. This is such a simple idea, and your guests will love receiving these adorable invites!

save the date dogs

5). Dress them up

It may be more difficult than you thought to persuade your pets to try on mini tuxedo. However, if your pets don’t mind being dressed up in these adorable wedding outfits, this is a brilliant way to get them involved.

pets at weddings

6). Flower Girls

Not all members of your bridal party have to be human. So, why not let your pets join in with the flower girl fun! Seriously… flower girl goals!

pets wedding flower girls

7). Photo Bombs

Who doesn’t love a good photo bomb? Whether you have a dog, cat, or even a goat, make sure you take some hilarious photo bombs that you can laugh at forever! 

animal wedding photobomb

8). Proposal

Let your furry friends give you a hand with your proposal! If you need some inspiration, there are hundreds of ideas for you on Pinterest!

pet proposals

9). First Dance

Get your pets involved with your first dance! We can’t think of a cuter way to show your pets how much you love them than letting them join in with this important moment.

first dance dogs

10). Paw Hand Photo

Make sure you take one of these adorable photos of your hands and your pet’s paw. If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, then we don’t know what is!

paw hands wedding

Most of all, remember that weddings can be loud, chaotic and stressful. Make sure that your pets are feeling comfortable and have somewhere to retreat if they start feeling scared! Perhaps put a bridesmaid in charge of making sure your pets are feeling happy, or hire a professional for the day? Make sure your pets are having a great time, just like you and the other human guests!

Photo Credits: Pinterest.


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