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How to have an eco-friendly wedding

Having an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean you have to forsake the glamour – there are plenty of easy and stylish ways to make your wedding that little bit more green. Ethical and environmentally-friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular as people consider the impact of their day on the environment, and from wedding transport to recycled stationery, we’ll show you how to have an eco-friendly wedding, too. 

how to have an eco-friendly wedding

1. Choose eco-friendly suppliers

When deciding which wedding suppliers to use, try to find out whether they are ethical and eco-friendly. By using and promoting greener businesses, you will reduce the overall footprint of your wedding, and support business that are trying to make positive changes to our environment. To search suppliers in your area, click here

how to have an eco-friendly wedding

2. Go vintage

Rather than spending a fortune on brand new wedding gowns and suits, why not try and find something that you can re-use? That way, not only will you have something beautiful and vintage, but it’ll also act as your ‘Something Old’. If you’ve got your heart set on a new dress, try and find one that uses a greener fabric, such as hemp. 

how to have an eco-friendly wedding

Source: Ink Hearts Paper

3. Use recycled stationery

A great way to make your wedding a little greener is by using recycled paper for your invitations. Search for stationery suppliers that offer this as an option, or you could even have a go at getting creative and making them yourselves using recycled paper. Alternatively, you could always send out e-invitations and cut out paper from your wedding completely. 

how to have an eco-friendly wedding

4. Don’t hire a wedding car

There are so many alternative ways to arrive at your venue than hiring a gas-guzzling vehicle. The traditional horse and carriage, for example, is a beautiful way to arrive, or if you really want to make an eco-friendly wedding statement, why not walk or hire a tandem bicycle? Find wedding transport in your area here

How to have an eco-friendly wedding

5. Choose caterers that use organic ingredients

It’s important to consider whether your wedding suppliers are eco-friendly. Try to find caterers that use organic ingredients, and a bakery that will use organic ingredients to make your cake. We’re sure that your wedding food will taste better knowing that it has come from an organic source! Check out our alternative wedding cake ideas here

how to have an eco-friendly wedding

6. Staycation Honeymoon

We know that the UK isn’t exactly the number one honeymoon destination, but if you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, there really is no better way to go green that by staying put for your honeymoon. The UK has some wonderful holiday destinations, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your honeymoon isn’t so harmful to the environment. 

how to have an eco-friendly wedding

7. Use local flowers

The vast majority of wedding flowers are imported from abroad, this not only gives them a hefty carbon footprint, but they are often covered in harmful pesticides, too. By choosing organic, seasonal blooms from a local business, you will reduce travel, chemicals and help support small business in your area – who could argue with that?

how to have an eco-friendly wedding

8. Have only your nearest and dearest

Your wedding day is all about sharing your moment with those closest to you, and by not inviting the whole world, you’ll be making your wedding more eco-friendly, too. Having fewer guests means less transport, less food, and less waste!

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