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How to choose your wedding date

So you’re engaged, you’ve told your friends and family and you’ve published the all important Instagram post, now what? The most important thing to do before you start planning is to think about when you want to get married, and choose the all important wedding date. So what do you need to consider?

save the date card how to choose your wedding date

1. The Venue

There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing your wedding date, and a big one is the venue. Will you be heartbroken if that lovely countryside barn isn’t free on your date? Or are you prepared to choose your date according to your venue’s availability? It’s important to establish early on whether your date or venue is more important. To search for your dream venue, click here.

2. Meaningful dates

Think about meaningful dates for you and your partner, you might want to get married on the same date that you met, or even your parents’ anniversary. Don’t forget those dates that you might want to avoid, too. 

calendar how to choose your wedding date

3. Family and friends

There are some people that you simply won’t want to get married without. Make a list of people that you can’t imagine celebrating your big day without and ask them whether they’re available on the day you’re considering before choosing your wedding date.

4. Season

Think about peak times, and decide whether you want to get married in or out of wedding season. Venues and suppliers are much more likely to be available outside the summer months, meaning you’d be more likely to get your first choices. Your wedding theme will also affect which season you choose to get married, so make sure you’ve considered the type of day you would like to have before deciding on a wedding date. 

bride-groom-couple-boat-honeymoon choosing your honeymoon

5. Honeymoon

Have you got a dream honeymoon location? Check the best time of year to visit and choose a date during that time.

6. School holidays

If you’re thinking about having a weekday wedding, take into account that some guests may be tied down with work or childcare commitments, so it might be better to choose a wedding date during the school holidays.

girl-with-camera how to choose your wedding date

7. Wedding suppliers

We’ve mentioned the venue, but make sure you take the suppliers into account, too. If you’ve already chosen your perfect photographer, avoid disappointment by choosing a date that you know they’re available. To look for suppliers in your area, click here.

8. Budget

If you want to get a good deal on your venue or suppliers, consider getting married outside the summer months. Venues often offer out of season deals, so you’re more likely to come in under budget if you choose an out of season wedding date. To find current wedding deals on Guides for Brides, click here.


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